Antarctic Sea Ice Facts

  • Antarctic sea ice now covers 19,454,000 km². This is the most sea ice ever measured at either pole, and is about the size of  the US and Europe combined, or 335,000 Manhattans.
  • The ice extends more than 1,000 miles off the coast of Antarctica. Emperor Penguins have to walk across the ice to get to the sea.
  • Most of the ice is located between 60 and 70S, which means that it reflects huge amounts of sunshine back into space, dramatically cooling the Earth.
  • The sun is currently about 30 degrees above the horizon at the ice edge.
  • The National Snow And Ice Data Center in Colorado has still failed to mention this on their web site. They continue to discuss the record Arctic minimum, and until recently were featuring an article about penguins being threatened by declining Antarctic sea ice, even though Antarctic sea ice has been steadily increasing throughout the satellite record.

National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC)


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13 Responses to Antarctic Sea Ice Facts

  1. gator69 says:

    The National Snow And Ice Data Center is apparently measuring penguin poulations based upon the number they observe per square fioot of Antarctic sea ice.

    Is MSNBC now doing the PR work for NSIDC?

  2. daniel1618 says:

    Just discovered this place! Thanks for all your interesting articles and facts compilation! Quite refreshing in those warm and crazy times… 😉

  3. Andy OZ says:

    I can vouch for the cooling effect of the Antarctic sea ice.
    Perth had a daily minimum of 4 deg C this weekend. Bloody cold for almost October.
    Obviously this AGW thing is of northern hemisphere origin ………… possibly centred on the UN building in New York. That seems to be where the hot air is coming from.

  4. reg says:

    I noticed that the temperature was cool the other day in california. That means that the polar bears in Antarctica must be ok and that the sea ice thingy is a hoax by the world governments to get more taxes from me … More articles please .

    • You are a classic irrational religious type. Any deviation from church doctrine causes you to spout mindless drivel in defense.

    • Ben says:


      I noticed this year that Arctic sea ice extent was at an all time low (time began in 1979)
      I observed this year that Antarctic sea ice extent was at an all time high.

      Conclusion: Must be global warming in the Arctic, and a hoax in Antarctica, right reg?

      More replies please.

    • Hugh K says:

      It’s so transcendental to read your homilies rev reg. I have always felt special blessings to gaia to be allowed to feed on the mann from the heavens. But your latest homily on the Pacific parting so the chosen polar bears could flee from the Arctic wasteland to the promised land of Antarctica moved me to tears. Would it be too bold to ask you to join me in touching hands to our green-energy-saving monitors while giving praise to the golden idol of Gore you built? BTW – My check’s in the mail rev reg!

  5. RCase says:

    Why aren’t scientists adding up the total ice cover at both poles and charting it over time? How does this year’s Antarctic gain compare to the this year’s Arctic loss? I’m guessing a pretty straight line of total global ice cover over time – for the time it’s been measured. Wouldn’t this be a lot more useful than polar-specific ice gain/loss? After all, it’s supposed to be global warming, not just arctic warming…

  6. lance says:

    actually, i’m thinking the penguins could be in trouble…having to walk futher from the ocean to the fathers tending the babies, ice is still gaining…cold spring?….sounds like we could have a pretty good die off this spring…

    • Hugh K says:

      “….sounds like we could have a pretty good die off this spring…”
      That sucks. On the bright side, Planned Parenthood should be pleased. Or does that just apply to human offspring?

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