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Met Office Says Their Climate Forecasts Are Useful To A Range Of People

Summer forecast 2009 – Met Office Met Office climate forecasts are extremely useful. Whatever they say, assume the opposite. Summer 2009 round-up – Met Office

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Arctic Ice In Collapse From Exceptional Melting


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Romm : 1923 Was More Than 1,800 Years Ago

In 1923 it was warmer in Svalbard than it is now. Romm says that current temperatures in Svalbard are the highest in 1,800 years, so we can deduce that 1923 was more than 1,800 years ago. High Arctic Warmest In 1,800 … Continue reading

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Mercury News : Time Began In 1960

Wildfires are getting longer, fiercer, and more costly to contain. Wildfires have burned an average of 7 million U.S. acres every year since 2000. That’s equal to burning all of Yellowstone National Park three times over each year. But from … Continue reading

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Texan Ends 22 Year Curse At Old Trashbin

Clint Dempsey scores the winning goal for Spurs. The last time Spurs won at the trashbin was before Hansen drowned Manhattan.

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USHCN Adjustments Kill One Thousand Children Per Day

The Earth’s changing climate is costing the global economy $1.2 trillion a year and killing 1,000 children a day, according to a new study—and the U.N. warns the summer’s record heat and drought could trigger a catastrophe. Climate Change Kills … Continue reading

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Mark Halsey – Worst Referee Ever?

He is even worse this week than he was last week.

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