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No Spoilers, Please!

I’m stuck at work and know that Chelsea and Man U are headed into overtime. Please don’t post the result. I want to watch later. My understanding is that Man U is having to play with only eleven players on … Continue reading

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What I Learned From Alarmists During September And October

The Arctic is rapidly melting at -15C 97% of the Greenland ice sheet melted this summer Manhattan is underwater, just as Hansen predicted Dengue Fever is coming to Chicago

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My Climate Hero Award

According to Bill McKibben, my CO2 footprint contributed to the record low number of tornadoes this summer. Many lives were no doubt saved, and I feel that I deserve the Medal Of Honor for occasionally sacrificing my bike ride to get in … Continue reading

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Fox News Stupid Lead Photo Of The Day

It doesn’t get much dumber than this. Why did they build that house on stilts, Homer? Fox News – Breaking News Updates | Latest News Headlines | Photos & News Videos

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This Guy Wanted To Be The GOP Candidate For President

“If you think right now I give a damn about presidential politics, then you don’t know me,” Christie added. Fortunately, the GOP selected a candidate with some self-respect.

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My Academy Award

I watched Gladiator (several times) and am proud to list myself as a co-winner of the Best Picture Oscar.

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Hysterical Climatology

The science of historical hysterical climatology has several schools of thought The Hayhoe/Dessler/Hansen school – time began in 1970 The Karl/Hansen school – people were too stupid in the past to read thermometers, and have become exponentially more stupid in … Continue reading

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