Afternoon Invocation

Great plagues of famine, drought , locusts and flood will overtake the land – unless you heavily tithe the climate pharisees and give up your chariot.

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5 Responses to Afternoon Invocation

  1. kbray in california says:

    Now I’m getting scared…

  2. The Pharisees were the BAD guys in the biblical story of Jesus; they fought with him in debates, and represented the religious consensus of that time and place. They would have been the ones making such invocations as you parody here, not the victims of those invocations. The name “pharisees” comes from the root “per-se”, meaing “breaking” as by “dividing”. Jesus was making a then-well-known play on words when he answered those “dividers” by saying, A house divided against itself cannot stand.” You recall Abraham Lincoln used that phrase to good effect, and it is again poignantly descriptive of the American political system and divided American electorate now.

    • Sorry for the typographical errors (“meaing” instead of “meaning”, and no opening quotation mark on the phrase “A house divided against itself cannot stand”); my computer got into overstrike mode, and these errors crept in while I was trying to repair its effects. The forces of evil are everywhere, it sometimes seems, and impossible to avoid entirely

  3. I don’t have a spare dime to tithe to any cause, much less AGW, and you are going to have to pry my 1986 vintage (retained lest I offset it with the carbon footprint of a new vehicle) 32+mpg chariot (which I only drive around twice in any given week) from my cold, dead fingers.

  4. gregole says:

    Not giving up the chariot – no can do – chariot stays, I need it for work. Climate tithes? I assume you mean additional tithes since as a taxpaying American I have already ponied up enough dough to phoney climate science buffoons and publicly funded parasites. Na uh.

    No more money for this nonsense, it has gone on long enough with little to show – just some faked-up temperature records and useless computer model predictions.

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