Exciting Time Of The Month Coming Up

In a few days, USHCN will release their temperature data for September.

It appears that NOAA made a decision in March, that 2012 was going to be hottest year ever in the US – regardless of the weather for the rest of the year. This decision has forced USHCN to upwards adjust YTD 2012 temperatures by more than three degrees relative to a century ago.

September was another cool month, and this will force USHCN to upwards adjust by even more. I am thinking that USHCN may ultimately have to upwards adjusted 2012 by as much as five degrees in order to achieve NOAA’s requirement of hottest year ever.

Khrushchev would be proud.


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7 Responses to Exciting Time Of The Month Coming Up

  1. darwin says:

    Have you ever written to Senator Inhofe about this? It seems someone in Congress should be questioning this.

  2. Andy DC says:

    Wow! If they allow you or me to adjust September, we could make it the coldest on record!

  3. gator69 says:

    It’s a mandatory seasonal inflationary adjustment, meant to smooooooth out… the theft of our money.

  4. The most exciting time of the month here is going to the grocery store on the 5th/6th, when all the deadbeats, lowlifes, & fatties get their Obama Stash money. I swear some chil’ nearly got her hand bit off when she tried to grab the last bag of Do Ritos.

  5. ntesdorf says:

    Khrushchev was a gentleman compared to this insane clown posse at USHCN / NOAA. When do they go over the cliff, 4 degrees added?, five degrees added? Why not just double it? Madness!

  6. tckev says:

    All temperature figures have been correctly Hansenized.

  7. Mosher, please explain? 😉

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