Greenhouse Gas Overwhelms Wyoming

If every person in Wyoming represented one molecule in the atmosphere, only one person would be a methane molecule. All of the CO2 would be represented by half the students at one elementary school in Cheyenne.

It is clear that Wyoming is being overwhelmed by greenhouse gases.

Current Wyoming poll   Romney 65%   Obama 33%


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4 Responses to Greenhouse Gas Overwhelms Wyoming

  1. Edmonton Al says:

    In case you missed this. Obama speech[s]

  2. NoMoreGore says:

    Where does that Poll come from? Hope it’s true. Just saw one on King 5 saying Inslee (D) leading McKenna (R) by 6 points … then they ask readers to vote… and the results were: McKenna ~66, Inslee ~33. I ripped them on it, and now I just looked, and that poll disappeared… fancy that.

  3. johnosullivan says:

    but even the 33 degrees that the GHE is alleged to provide is based on a bogus number fudge:

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