Fall Colors In Greenland

October has cooled down a bit in Greenland, and the glorious display of autumn colors has arrived.

History | Weather Underground

In related news, the Tour de Greenland has stripped Lance Armstrong of his title – because it was discovered that he used an illegal de-icer on his bike this summer.

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9 Responses to Fall Colors In Greenland

  1. ozspeaksup says:

    funny 🙂
    the CCX would like to offer you a deal on the set up carbonCon sinks in those trees..

  2. Lance says:

    dang…I do believe i’m in that peloton somewhere…

  3. hawaii596 says:

    Oh, that is so photoshopped. Lance Armstrong didn’t really race in Greenland, did he? (JUST KIDDING – it was very funny. And no, I am not at all a warmist). Here is my real thought/question. I am enough of a newb’ on these sites not to have read all the old articles. I would love to see some articles highlighting the mini ice age. I remember reading something about the conflict of stories about whether Greenland was named such either a.) as a ruse to ward off invaders many hundreds of years ago relative to Iceland or something l iike that; or b.) prior to the mini ice age and before glaciers moved southward, there were monasteries with vineyards that were quite suddenly overtaken with glaciers. And in the historic narrative, Greenland was supposed to have been much warmer about 1000 years ago. This is a jumbled up, inaccurate version of the story, I know – as I am not well versed at all. Perhaps someone with detailed, accurate knowledge can post a reply with the real story, or a link to the real story, or perhaps Steven Goddard can either post or direct on this (if you know the real story). I love your blog. Just starting my own blog – different topics, but I am fascinated by factual info about our planets climactic history.

  4. Andy DC says:

    They Tiger proofed the hole by putting in those trees. Now he won’t be able to cut the dogleg and drive the green. Meanwhile, the -44 temperatures have frozen Tiger’s nuts solid, thus curing him of his sexual addiction.

  5. Billy Liar says:

    Is that the shadow of the alien’s lander in the first photo?

    What’s the sun doing so high in the sky on 3 October?

  6. Oh how I’ve always loved those permafrost golds and ambers.

  7. Streetcred says:

    Need to get rid of those trees, they’re going to ruin the greens through shading and dropping resin on the grass.

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