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Important Reminder About Ice

Once ice on the surface of a body of water melts, it can never form again. Particularly at high latitudes, where temperatures are far below freezing for nine months a year. Down here at 40N, we observe this every year. … Continue reading

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The Obama Effect

We had six months of beautiful warm weather in Colorado – until Obama’s plane landed for the debate.  Temperatures plummeted 35 degrees over the following hour, and winter arrived. A bitter cold wind sent him on his way after his … Continue reading

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Will Global Warming Make Scientist’s Brains Work Even Slower?

Will Climate Change Slow Marathon Times? Climate change is blamed for melting ice, shrinking animals and brewing more intense storms around the globe — but is it slowing the top finish times at the Boston Marathon? Not yet, researchers found, though future … Continue reading

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Not Your Typical Kenyan

Kenyans are famous for being some of the best mountain runners in the world, but Al Gore says that the altitude in Denver caused Obama’s brain to malfunction.

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He Bleeds

One of my favorite movies is “The Man Who Would Be King” based on the Rudyard Kipling story. Sean Connery has everyone convinced that he is a god, until he gets bitten at his wedding ceremony and starts bleeding.  People in the … Continue reading

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New Obama Campaign Song

The Obama campaign adopted a new theme song after the Denver debate. h/t to Fox News

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One Month Ago Today

During the undemocratic convention, Obama was bragging about his Middle East foreign policy. But that was before YouTube wrecked it. Turkey okays military force, stresses int’… JPost – Middle East

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