Will Global Warming Make Scientist’s Brains Work Even Slower?

Will Climate Change Slow Marathon Times?

Climate change is blamed for melting ice, shrinking animals and brewing more intense storms around the globe — but is it slowing the top finish times at the Boston Marathon? Not yet, researchers found, though future increases in temperature could mean fewer records are broken.

Runners typically dread hot race days. Warmer temperatures tend to drag on finish times, studies have shown, and the slower you run, the more minutes you’re likely to pile on during a boiling hot day.

This year saw one of the hottest marathons in Boston, with temperatures on April 16, 2012, soaring into the 80s — about 20 degrees Fahrenheit (11 degrees Celsius) higher than the normal high. Though that race day was unseasonably warm, temperatures in Boston have been rising at a relatively high rate over the past century.

Will Climate Change Slow Marathon Times? – Yahoo! News

The hottest April 16 in Massachusetts occurred in 1896, with temperatures reaching 87 degrees at Blue Hill and Lawrence. How does this crap get published?

h/t to Marc Morano


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16 Responses to Will Global Warming Make Scientist’s Brains Work Even Slower?

  1. kbray in california says:

    Don’t worry, “scientists” will make up for the deficit with lies…


  2. John B., M.D. says:

    Forecast for Chicago on Sunday is perfect: Partly Cloudy. High 53F and low 40F. Winds NW at 10 mph.

  3. gator69 says:

    “The winner of the 1896 Boston Marathon was none other than William McKinley, who also was elected POTUS the same year! Of course he trained for years on his namesake, and that lead to victories in both Boston and Washington.”

  4. Sundance says:

    Let’s have a marathon in winter during a snow storm to see if times improve. 🙂

  5. Parma John says:

    They’re absolutely right, and I’m feeling the effects of global warming in my own life. At age 30 I ran a couple of marathons under 3 hours. Twenty years later I have to work like the devil just to get under 3:30.
    I rest my case.

  6. Shooter says:

    Fact checking. Journalists are incapable of it.

    Remember when scientific fraud lead to your death?

  7. Jason says:

    It was MUCH warmer when Phidippides ran his, 2500 years ago.

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