Your Dog Is Destroying The Climate

People around the world are worrying about their carbon footprint. But what about their furry friends’ carbon pawprints?

Mass mental illness

Consider the numbers: there are currently around 1 billion pet cats and dogs worldwide (not to mention hundreds of millions of stray ones), and pet ownership rates are vastly higher in western countries. About 40% of US households own at least one dog, compared with about 6% of Chinese homes.

That is because they eat dogs in China

The ecological consequences of pets are significant when you consider the land needed to produce the energy and resources required for a large dog are equivalent to that of a four-wheel drive Land Rover

What about your carbon pawprint?

What about the author’s massive stupidity footprint?

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7 Responses to Your Dog Is Destroying The Climate

  1. In an earlier time, he might have been judging witches in New England, attacking caravans in the name of Mohammad and his god, or throwing wood onto the fire under Giordano Bruno. He would always have made exquisitely sure he was doing these things for good and all-important reasons. It is not stupidity, therefore, but delusion.

  2. ozspeaksup says:

    the NZ couple that did this copped huge flack whn folks worked out the real SUV costing:-)
    I have four BIG dogs, and would happily tell them to skitch this moron.

  3. ozspeaksup says:

    ps thats Why PETA…has the HIGHEST shelter animal KILL rates.. theyre saving the doggies and cats from owners love and saving the planet too.
    hypocritical assholes!

  4. dmmcmah says:

    Did you read the comments to the article? One complained about dog poo bags and comparisons to the ecological footprint of Africans. That’s why I let my dogs crap naturally in the foothills. Environmentalism is an interesting phenomenon of modern society. Reach a certain level of prosperity and people want to virtually commit suicide, or long to be the equal of starving Africans living in grass huts. This makes me recall the star trek episode with the war fought by computer and the victims killed on screen had to show up at those little suicide booths. Maybe we should set those up for people to use when they are overwhelmed with guilt about plastic bags.

  5. gator69 says:

    No worries, Buffalo Bill did us all a favor by eliminating all those millions of massive carbon hoofprints, so we can now afford Fido.

  6. tckev says:

    Excess dog poo will lead to Climate Lords of the Flies.

  7. Sparks says:

    My dog is tearing up the planet like he owns it. They actually are very intelligent, they beat humans into space, dogs 1 humans 0 that day. Think about all the energy saved in the form of domestic electricity by people walking their dogs every day, at minimum (like me) for one hour a day, that is seven hours a week away from the power tools and the online abacus, that’s 28 hours a month and about 336 hours a year.
    Also what comes out of their butt is not poison, it is yummy and delicious… for insects and plants.

    I will send in a picture of my Monster.. er. I mean dog later!

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