You Don’t Have To Be A Moron To Be An Alarmist, But It Helps

Opinion: Global warming takes toll on Colorado forests

It doesn’t take a scientist to understand the connection between climate change and forest fires. Last spring was hot and dry, which resulted in a dry forest that easily burns. This should not surprise us. What is surprising is the pace of climate change and the damage it has already caused to our forests and communities.

The previous spring had record snow in Colorado. Some years are warm, other years are cold.

Opinion: Global warming takes toll on Colorado forests « Summit County Citizens Voice

Earth to Bob, Lodgepole Pine forests can’t exist without fire. The seeds only germinate during crown fires. 100 years of fire suppression is making the forests unhealthy.


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20 Responses to You Don’t Have To Be A Moron To Be An Alarmist, But It Helps

  1. Sparks says:

    Earth to planet Bob! hello?

  2. gator69 says:

    The largest state park in my state is just a few miles down the road from me, easy bike ride. When the forestry service took over stewardship of the land, they stopped all fires, and in the process they have completely changed the ecosystem. South of me is a Virgin stand of Pitch Pines, who adapted to fire, and are now being squeezed out by lesser trees, who know no fire.

    But then there were no forest/wild fires before SUV’s.

  3. kbray in california says:

    “There should be no debate about this.”
    Bob Berwyn

  4. kbray in california says:

    More Morons:

    All fish will swim to the North and South Poles to stay cool.
    Morons will move to follow the fish.
    IPCC Reports.

    • SciFi movie: “Poleward”, starring D.B. Sweeney and Shannon Doherty, with Bruce Campbell as the President. A strange force is drawing all migrating species to the poles, where they grow to gigantic size and become relentless maneaters, until Inuit Chief Sweeney takes command of the situation…

      Well, it’s a really bad movie in real life too…

  5. kbray in california says:

    Accuweather Website Tips for Morons :

    Hunting & Fishing:
    “You can watch your campfire smoke for signs of air pressure changes. If it’s swirling and descending, instead of rising steadily, the air pressure is decreasing and a weather change should be expected.”

    “There should be no debate about this.”


  6. Andy DC says:

    If one spring is cool and wet and the next spring hot and dry, that is climate change? I thought that was called natural variability.

  7. kirkmyers says:

    It’s shameful that the way the estabishment media continue to give the “climate change” carnival barkers a megaphone to disseminate their bogus alarmism.

    Earth’s climate has been changing for 4 billion-plus years and will continue to change — without any help from humankind. HadCRUT3 and RSS temperature data show no statistically significant warming for more than a decade. In fact, there has been a slight cooling trend since 2002, which is remarkable considering the propensity of NOAA and NASA to continually adjust temperature data (via TOBS, homogenization and interpolation) upwards.

    Because observed temperatures aren’t supporting the AGW theory, the warmists have been forced to rename their scare “climate change.” Now, they can blame mankind for any severe weather event. It’s quite a clever ploy. Not surprisingly, we’re seeing the gullible media fall all over themselves regurgitating the doomsday predictions.

  8. RobertvdL says:

    Messi-Ronaldo, 2-2

    And you could call me an Alarmist

    RIP another defensive player
    You could call me an Alarmist

  9. NikFromNYC says:

    This is the first time in human history in which practically our very thoughts have been recorded in a permanently archived database and a historically massive, self-organizing battle between good and evil now enters the geneological record of each family member and organization who chose to demonize science buffs, just as computers and new microscopes threaten to transform all of our lives for the better.

    As they kill trees
    So too
    Would they kill you

  10. RobertvdL says:

    I Just Saw The Future

    Obama is ……………..

  11. Eric Simpson says:

    It doesn’t take a scientist to understand the connection between climate change and forest fires.

    The small print or subtext of that is that they have no scientific evidence for this. No evidence at all, so in this case just go with half-baked hunches, or just accept the credibility of us as “experts.” It’s like if they were to be asked why there is a scientific connection between the Colorado fire and agw, they could only say, like a 5 year old, “because!” What about the counterpoint: “fires are normal, we’ve had fires since time immemorial!”
    It’s also unusual that they take the “it doesn’t take a scientist” line, when their typical strategy is to suggest that this agw stuff is all extremely complex and only their activist experts are able to comprehend it. So, the “little people” should just go along with whatever pronouncements the bullshit artists make.
    Indeed, I don’t have the link off hand, but in the climategate emails they were caught red-handed saying that it is their strategy to say that the stuff is too complex for the layman… to obscure the situation and hide behind a false fabricated smokescreen of purported complexity. In this strategy they hoped to discredit all those that are not in their little coterie of climate scientists. My understanding is that this cabal of post 1990 vintage climate scientists could not get into their doctorate programs without first agreeing to the “science” of the Chicken Littles. This means that these “scientists” have been biased from the start, so these climate scientists are thus not credible (they are not unbiased which is a requisite for credibility in most cases) on the very thing that they arrogantly claim a monopoly on credibility: climate science.

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