Ad Hoc Science Can Explain Anything

The new normal in climate science is ad hoc science. Contrary to the climate models, Antarctic ice reaches a record high – so the team simply reaches into their bag of sciency sounding explanations related to any of the millions of degrees of freedom in the climate system.

If you have no ethics or competency, you can blame all phenomenon on humans – just as their witch-burning predecessors did.

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35 Responses to Ad Hoc Science Can Explain Anything

  1. It is curious that an Alarmist will often be able to identify a perceived flaw in a sceptical argument but cannot perceive any flaws in his own arguments; even when the argument takes an identical form. This reminds me of a certain flavour of religious fundamentalist who can identify all the perceived flaws in his opponent’s sacred texts but none in his own.

  2. kbray in california says:

    Yes, I made the ice melt, I made the ice grow.
    I did it.
    It’s my fault.
    You finally caught me.

    signed: homo-(the)-sap.

    (don’t let them suck you into the lies.)

  3. Sundance says:

    I just spit up all over Seth Borenstein’s latest AP article on ice gain in the Antarctic from laughing so hard. I especially like the part where the NSIDC guys say they expected ice gain all along.

    • Sparks says:

      Me Too, they have proved their own theories wrong! it’s like the old saying “Give ’em enough rope and they’ll hang them selves”.

    • “I especially like the part where the NSIDC guys say they expected ice gain all along.”

      Well, in the sense that there are so many models out there… and they predict so many different things, then they are correct. 😉

      For example, the Hansen model of circa 1988 got his prediction exactly opposite of what happened since. However, the Manabe model did predict cooling in that region.

      Now there are also a few climate models out there that don’t predict much of anything happening for a doubling of CO2. I suppose, should that happen, the NSIDC guys can quote those models in due course, and tell everyone they knew this all along.

  4. Andy DC says:

    The clever alarmists have already explained away next winter if it is bad, by claiming that less Arctic sea ice has disrupted the jet stream. If the winter is mild, the alarmists will say they promised warmer winters all along.

    The only problem for the clever alarmists is that Romney is going to win the election and work for energy independence. Also get the EPA off the backs of business. Their wasteful, bundersome programs are going into the dumpster.

  5. Sundance says:

    OT FYI but interesting. We can reach sustainability using fossil fuels according to Stanford Scientists. Can you imagine the heads exploding at Think Progress if this gets out in the public that fossil fuels can have a zero net climate effect?

    • leftinbrooklyn says:

      Nice idea, but still based on the false premise that this planet’s climate is in danger from CO2. Fossil fuels already have a zero net effect, or close enough to zero that it might as well be.

      Another ‘solution’ to a non-existent problem. Wearing garlic to keep the vampires away.

  6. leftinbrooklyn says:

    Ah, the ‘high-minded’. The ‘intellectuals.’ The ‘scientists’.

    If the average human, throughout our progression from upright apes, had been as wrong as often as they are, there would be no human species.

  7. diogenes100 says:

    May I suggest – a more descriptive term might be “Post-Modern Science”.
    From Wikipedia:
    Postmodernism postulates that many, if not all, apparent realities are only social constructs and are therefore subject to change. In particular it attacks the use of sharp binary classifications such as male versus female and white versus black; it holds realities to be plural and relative, and to be dependent on who the interested parties are and the nature of these interests. It claims that there is no absolute truth and that the way people perceive the world is subjective.

  8. Andy OZ says:

    NEWSFLASH – Human induced climate change causes SNOW. Aussie children ecstatic.

    It’s snowed in Adelaide, South Australia, for the first time on record this morning in October!!!
    The Bureau of Meteorology says it’s caused by a mass of cold air from that shrinking record sized block of ice down south of us known as Antarctica.

    Weird! I thought the MSM said there was no ice just 4 weeks ago and we should prepare for the end of the world.

    Signed Confused.

    • “Shifts in wind patterns and the giant ozone hole over the Antarctic this time of year — both related to human activity — are probably behind the increase in ice, experts say.”

      Humans are now causing shifts in wind patterns…?

  9. Andy OZ says:

    All you guys in the Horthern Hemisphere.
    Stop sending your cold air, snow and ice down here to Antarctica and Australia.
    We are freezing our nuts off and would like to get some warm weather by Christmas.

  10. John Greenfraud says:

    post normal science = bullshiit and guesswork

  11. Jimmy Haigh says:

    Eventually even Joe Public is going to twig that “climate scientists’ are – and always have been – talking out of their arse.

  12. slimething says:

    Have you checked GISS records for Godthab Nuuk since this entry at WUWT?

    Whoa! 2010 is off the chart and 2012 has no data.

  13. In a most unambiguous manner, the PBS NewsHour said in 2008, “The western Antarctic is the fastest-warming place on Earth” and had IPCC scientist Stephen Schneider on as a guest saying “there are other parts of Antarctic that have even more potential sea level rise further south, and they’re starting to show signs of going. That’s where the real big worries are.”

    Thank heavens the mainstream media is here now to help us sort out the contradictions….

  14. Andy says:

    They said it was down to the increased wind pushing the ice outwards and creating bigger extent. Now that’s actually what the sceptics have been saying about the Arctic for years, except here it is pushing it all together. So if sceptic can use the wind as the reason then so should they :p


  15. G’day mates; can I say few things about the ice? Ice is made from water vapor… Warmist are against water vapor. 2] on the polar caps average temp is minus -30C, that’s twice as cold than in your deep freezer. 3] there is PERMANENT ice in Patagonia and New Zealand, 1000 miles north from Antarctic / 1000 miles closer to the equator. 4] ice is melted on Antarctic, day and night, summer and winter; by the geothermal heat, up to 2m a year. Needs replenishing every season == climatologist see that is similar amount of ice and think that the ice there is 600000y old… wrong!

    Ice there is created by freeze-drying the moisture from the air; no need snow or rain. Same as ice build-up in the old fridges – without rain or snow – you must keep defrosting every few weeks, it’s freeze-drying the moisture from the kitchen – the often you open the door – more ice builds up. Antarctic doesn’t have doors.

    For 7-8 months in a year – the cold/ dry air over Antarctic is picked up by the earth’s centrifugal force and blows north, up to Port Moresby, Australia, south Pacific. To avoid creation of vacuum for billions of cubic kilometers of air going north by those ”highs” low / moist air from the north comes to Antarctic -> the coldness is freeze-drying that moisture and creates blizzards. In El Nino year., the place of Antarctic that gets low / moist air from S/E Pacific – builds up more ice -> the ”Skeptics” are biting themselves in the chest and screaming that the WHOLE planet is getting colder. But on parts that those low winds to Antarctic come from areas around Australia – less moisture to replenish the ice deficit – > Warmist are screaming that the WHOLE planet is getting warmer… Then La Nina year comes – on the place that was in El Nino more ice; in La Nina is less / opposite – Skeptics and Warmist get the attention to the opposite ends and ridicule each others; but… both camps are 101% WRONG.

    The amount of moisture available, dictates the amount of the ice, NOTHING to do with warmer / colder planet!!! As Australia and southern part of Africa are getting dryer = less and less moisture will be getting to antarctic. No problem if less ice on the land; but the waters around antarctic if don’t have enough ice cover… currents that bring warm-water from the north, will not have ice as insulator from the unlimited coldness in the air -> will absorb extra coldness and take it north… colder water = less evaporation = chain reaction when starts; it will be fault of both camps, can you face the real facts; ::

  16. Andy OZ says:

    OMG. You guys should read this one! Bugs Bunny is down in Antarctica on ski trip. LMAO.

    “University of Colorado researcher Katherine Leonard, who is on board the ship with Maksym, says in an email that the Antarctic sea ice is also getting snowier because climate change has allowed the air to carry more moisture.”

    They really don’t understand tautology.
    CO2 causes climate change (the alledged fact) => ice melt faster => less ice=> more snow => more ice=> WTF

    “Since 1960, the Arctic has warmed the most of the world’s regions, and Antarctica has warmed the least, according to NASA data. Scientists on the cruise with Maksym are spending eight to 12 hours a day on the ice bundled up against the fierce wind with boots that look like Bugs Bunny’s feet. It’s dangerous work.”

  17. Anto says:

    All “phenomena”; every “phenomenon”. Sorry for being picky.

  18. slimething says:

    Hey, where has the SkS rapid response team been lately?

    • “bzzzzzz *click* Thank you for calling the SkS Rapid Response Team. All of our scientists are currently busy putting out fires caused by Steve McIntyre, Anthony Watts, PopTech and others. But we appreciate your call and will respond to it in the order in which it was received. Your estimated wait time is approximately 10 days. *click* ♫ ♫♫ ♫♫ ♫♫ ♫♫ ♫♫ ♫”

  19. kirkmyers says:

    The AGW alarmists have become a desperate lot. As their pet theory crumbles under the weight observational evidence, they resort to the flimsiest excuses to defend the indefensible. Their constant carping about “climate change” has grown tiresome, especially for those of us who are forced to foot the bill for their junk science.

    It is my fervent hope that the ringleaders who conspired to manufacture the AGW scare will one day be brought up on charges of fraud. Their actions have done immeasurable harm to humanity.

  20. slimething says:

    @Russell Cook

    Good one.

  21. Sparks says:

    More Ad Hoc science, news paper clip “Big freeze in Antarctic all part of warming, scientists say”

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