Shocking New Theory From Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin, the heretic, has proposed a brand new theory that climate change and environmental stress are an essential part of nature. This goes against the prevailing theory of morons that the climate used to be (and should be) stable.

From The Origin Of Species page 83

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11 Responses to Shocking New Theory From Charles Darwin

  1. kbray in california says:

    Hey, my indoor climate is fine, I just adjust the digital thermostat….

    The warmistas just need to pass a law requiring thermostats to be installed outside.

    Thermostats sure work on my model environment inside !

    A law or a tax or a thermostat is all it takes !!!

    As we know, all this bad weather is man’s fault.

  2. Lou says:

    I wonder if there’s a way to test that theory…

    One question… Does it actually force DNA to mutate like that? Who really knows for sure??? We don’t know if Neanderthals look more like us for upright higher primate. Their bone thickness is more similar to the higher primate. The more I learn, the more it gets confusing. It sucks to discus with faux liberals over it. I run into same road blocks as I did with over nutrition stuff. And climate change too..

  3. Darwin’s true legacy has been to stifle good science — he was the follower of Malthus, obviously seen in the above extract, and the progenitor of James Hansen et al (all the incompetent “experts” in bad theory) today:

    Climate Science Not the Greatest Hoax After All

  4. LOL in Oregon says:

    We all know the consensus is that Darwin Award winners get what they deserve!
    Also, “survival of the fittest” means to do “what it takes” to gain advantage and eliminate the competition!

    Just look a the antics of the NASA folk to gain advantage, more money, more power, etc
    “The sky is falling! The sky is falling”

    Or, I’ll give you $, medical, housing, food, booze, lots of free time…
    if you vote for me so I can make a zillion, be infamous!
    Remember: Vote early, vote often, no id required (unless you want to fly there)!
    It’s the Chicago Way!

    LOL in Oregon

  5. Does it actually force DNA to mutate like that? Who really knows for sure???
    According to the modern theory the background rate of mutation is more or less stable whatever the environmental conditions. Selection operates as a filter by preventing or reducing some organisms from producing offspring. The process is more complicated, because as Darwin implied, as climate changes, the range of a species expands or shrings and the entire range shifts north or south or up and down the mountain, etc.

    Lou, your comment indicates serious interest and you might find it rewarding to explore these ideas further.

  6. cdquarles says:

    Actually, it is survival of the fit enough at that time and place to try to reproduce; and, it is that all organisms alter their local environment to enhance their own survival. 🙂 That is how the real biological world works.

    • Ben says:

      Read “Survival of the Sickest”,

      He convincingly asserts survival of all non-fatal mutations, even those we would not deem fit enough..

      You never know when that crappy inherited gene is going to protect you from the next big epidemic {malaria, sickle-cell}, or the next environmental catastrophe {ice age, diabetes}

      Mutation is microscopic, selection is both.

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