Record Antarctic Ice Explained

In January, the three stooges (Gore Hansen and Trenberth) traveled to Antarctica to highlight melting ice. This produced Goreffect³ which led to record ice and cold.

The Antarctic voyage is part of a larger campaign to focus attention on the threat climate change poses to the world’s ice sheets and glaciers — a subject Gore highlighted in his 2007 documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth,” and at a 2009 conference he convened with Norway’s foreign minister, Jonas Gahr Støre.

“This winter we will be talking about Antarctica as part of our ‘Living on Thin Ice’ campaign which will focus on how people around the globe are being impacted by the melting of the world’s ice,” Climate Reality Project spokesman Eric Young said. “As part of that effort, we are journeying to Antarctica with our chairman, Vice President Gore, and leading scientists and thinkers to see firsthand how the climate crisis is unfolding.”

Antarctica is not the only stop for Gore’s campaign, Young said, which has convened events in Ecuador, the Sierra Nevada and Brooklyn and is planning trips to Nepal and the Alps.

Climate: Scientists, celebrities to cruise with Gore to Antarctica — 01/20/2012 —

Ten months later they say that they expected the ice growth, which is why they went there to  highlight disappearing ice – while freezing their nuts off.


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17 Responses to Record Antarctic Ice Explained

  1. BaldHill says:

    One can be excused for concluding that there is a link between this increasing Antarctic ice and the uncharacteristic spring snow in Australia 2 days ago.
    More or less in line with a recent comment from Trenberth: We know there is a link, we just have to work on the specific numbers.

    • That is why he went there to highlight disappearing ice.

      • BaldHill says:

        Well, did they really? They don’t have much luck then.
        Perhaps they went there knowing that if they would not go there soon the ice around the Antarctic continent would have grown to such extend that they would never come close.
        But they would not have put it like that in their public funding application, although it is of course possible that Al paid for all this out of his own pocket.
        If this disappearing ice sheet gets any bigger one can soon start their Antarctic journey walking from the southern tip of Tasmania. I guess those who want equality for all will have one of their wishes fulfilled as everyone can then visit the Antarctic, not just those with the cash. The 99% can occupy that continent also and freeze their you know what off.

      • Jimbo says:

        We need to look back at their claims. They claimed melting in the peninsula was a sure sign of global warming. Now they say that the record sea ice extent is a sure sign of global warming.

        Everything is consistent with the models when you consider that there are many models spewing out all kinds of crap – expand, contract, stay the same, thicker, thinner, not sure and so on……………………–Meet-the-new-consensus-the-opposite-of-the-old-consensus

  2. mwhite says:

    “In the Arctic, the amount of sea ice is governed by the temperature of the sea and air around it.

    But in the Antarctic, what matters is the wind. Changes in the strength and directions of the wind over the last few decades appear to be pushing the ice further out to sea.”

    Not sure who this is attributed to, but they obviously missed this

  3. B.C. says:

    You couldn’t make up this kind of Galactic Stoopid if you tried. If their hypothesis field goal kick misses in any direction, they just attempt to change the hypothesis and data. move the goal post. Pretty soon the goal post is not only going to be outside the stadium, but it will located all the way over on the visiting team’s campus.

  4. Andy DC says:

    When Al Gore quit the Senate, his net wealth was $2 million. It is now $100 million. Since Al has become filthy rich as a result of his climate change advocacy, he should give his money to the darker skinned people most affected by climate change. Or at the very least, large, personal investments in “alternative energy”. Since he apparently has no desire to part with his fortune to support his cause, the only logical conclusion is that Gore is exactly who we think he is, a fat, greedy, selfish pig.

  5. mikegeo says:

    Given that Al Gore seems to be the Typhoid Mary of nasty weather infection, I hope he has no plans of visiting my city.
    He could probably extort money from the citrus belt, to not show up there this winter.

  6. Billy Liar says:

    If there’s no Antarctic ice record next year we will absolutely be able to write that paper blaming the extreme polar ice increase of 2012 on Big Al.

  7. anthonyvioli says:

    So can we conclude that a fall in extent next year is due to global cooling then?

  8. cosmoscon says:

    Yes, and don’t forget in April, many AGW cult members said that Antarctica was losing ice and this proved AGW. Now that it is gaining ice, that again proves AGW.

  9. tckev says:

    In January, the three uglies – Gore, Hansen and Trenberth – traveled to Antarctica to highlight melting ice.
    The uglies found that cold weather was a lot uglier than they expected.

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