Government Experts : Sydney To Fry!

Sydney told to expect deadly warming spike Government study predicts 9 degree increase by 2070

1/31/2007 10:44:13 AM

SYDNEY, Australia — Average temperatures in Sydney will rise by about 9 degrees during the next 65 years, with devastating consequences including 1,300 more heat-related deaths per year, according to a government study released Wednesday.

New South Wales Premier Morris Iemma called the report “frightening reading” and said the federal government “can no longer put its head in the sand on this issue.”

Iemma is a member of the Labor Party, which is hoping to oust Howard’s conservative coalition in elections later this year.

Sydney warned of warming spike – World news – World environment | NBC News

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12 Responses to Government Experts : Sydney To Fry!

  1. RobertvdL says:

    Big Dutch Newspaper

    Aarde warmt niet meer op (Earth stops warming )

    Most people leaving a comment say for years to know that they are fooled.

  2. SMS says:

    Lets see; the Antarctic is at record high ice extent, it snowed in South Australia in October for the first time in a hundred years, billion dollar desalinization plants are being mothballed because the drought that was suppose to dry up the reservoirs has broken, no unusual increase in sea level………….. The carbon tax must be working.

  3. leftinbrooklyn says:

    Stephen King’s ‘Gerald’s Game’ is frightening reading also. Scared the heck outta me. I demand government take action.

  4. jerry says:

    God help us, the held back 1st graders are running countries, is there a sane country anywhere on this planet anymore

    • Streetcred says:

      Jerry, you don’t know how correct you are our Australian feral government is a disgrace. First graders are not as immature or childish as the PM and her cohorts that we have.

  5. Andy DC says:

    Now snow for Sydney in October is “proof” of a warming planet. Talk about bait and switch!

  6. Interestingly if the 9C forecast was accurate one would have expected to see 0.7C of warming since that prediction was made already. What actually happened?

  7. anthonyvioli says:

    Morris Iemma has been out of power for 5 years, the article was from the start of 2007. Which makes it even more important, since it was written we have cooled down and had 4 La nina years with a fifth on the way. Whilst CO2 has exploded.

    CSIRO are no different to NOAA, these studies are done to alarm everyone and get grant money.

  8. Rosco says:

    5 years later it’s snowing in MID SPRING in the highlands about an hour’s drive from the city !

  9. Andy OZ says:

    Politicians all lie. Standard operating procedure.
    Morris Iemma was a clown who was knifed by his own comrades when he tried to balance the NSW budget whilst everyone was hooked on debt. He was gullible to the first degree.
    Since 2007, back to back La Nina’s have filled all the dams in NSW and Queensland, filled all the rivers and inland lakes and created a biological explosion of life in Australia as well as record agricultural production. A Land of droughts and flooding rains as the poem says.
    Climate scientists NEVER predicted that. They should give up predicting and stick to reporting results.
    Even Niels Bohr understood that.

  10. Bruce says:

    And today I read that Mr Iemma is off to court in a couple weeks. A corruption trial dontcha know. His government was one of the most corrupt this country has seen, although I personally don’t think he himself was necessarily involved.

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