July Was Fourth Hottest In The US

Another big NOAA lie is that July, 2012 was hottest on record in the US. The GHCN HCN daily data set (which is supposed to match the USHCN daily data set) shows that 2012 was fourth hottest, after 1901, 1936 and 1934.

Index of /pub/data/ghcn/daily/hcn/

There is no trend in US July temperatures since 1895.

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1 Response to July Was Fourth Hottest In The US

  1. Ivan says:

    Amazing! There were climate alarmists 100 years ago as well…
    An Alarmist Report.

    CAPE TOWN, June 25.
    An alarmist report regarding certain agricultural parts of South Africa has been presented to the Senate.”

    Looks like white men were responsible for it back then as well…
    “There is a good deal of evidence to show that the lakes and swamps of South Africa have changed very considerably since Livingstone’s time.”
    ~26 June 1914

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