NOAA Determined To Make 2012 The Warmest Year, No Matter How Much They Have To Lie And Cheat

January-September was already the warmest first nine months, according to temperature data released Tuesday by the National Climatic Data Center.

Moreover, six of eight scenarios charted by the center have 2012 ending warmer than any other year in records that go back to 1895. The only scenarios where that would not happen are if the last quarter is among the 10 coldest on record.

‘Warmest year’ looking more likely for 2012 across continental US – U.S. News

This is patently false, and a blatant destruction of American history. An apples to apples comparison shows that 2012 is definitely not the hottest year.

The number of record maximums for stations with contiguous records going back to at least 1930, shows 2012 isn’t even in the top ten.

Even the UHI contaminated average temperature is only number three, after 1921 and 1934.

Index of /pub/data/ghcn/daily/hcn

They accomplish this cheat by subtracting as much as three degrees from older temperatures. Recent adjustments do not even vaguely resemble USHCN documentation, and appear to be blatant fraud.

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9 Responses to NOAA Determined To Make 2012 The Warmest Year, No Matter How Much They Have To Lie And Cheat

  1. Andy DC says:

    Many people don’t realize that they are being lied to by people with a left wing political agenda. So they will believe the disinformation. If enough do believe, Obama will win the election. “Climate science” is left wing political propaganda, plain and simple.

  2. kbray in california says:

    Global Warming Fraud:

    Drudge links to Mail-Online article about British Met Office:

    Thank you Drudge.

  3. Mike F. says:

    Check out the parking lot at any NOAA office….full of Obama 2012 bumper stickers!

  4. NikFromNYC says:

    “Score-keeping” Chicago Boys who “get in people’s faces” after “bringing a gun to a knife fight” are not toyed with by scruffy fetish-obsessed computer modelers with huge potential pensions, given the permanency of digital browsing records combined with O’s ownership of the NSA, FBI, CIA and PBS.

  5. dmmcmah says:

    I’m not a believer in man-caused “global warming” or “climate change” but without question 2012 was HOT in the US. It has been warm this year unlike anything I’ve ever experienced and I’m almost 50. It’s possible the 1930s were hotter and I wouldn’t doubt NOAA would like to cook the books to make 2012 come out on top, but this year has definitely been unusual. There was basically no winter- it was eerily warm, and summer was amazingly hot, and warm weather has extended well beyond average behavior in ways it never has in my lifetime. I have still been running an air conditioner and here it is mid-October. Certainly unheard of over the past 50 years. Right now it seems like a spring day outside. I have no doubt this is all due to natural causes, but nonetheless 2012 has been an extremely warm year in the US. Globally of course things are about the same as last year at least according to AMSU/RSS data, but the US has had a hot one. That does not of course excuse the nutcases for exploiting it for their agenda.

    • I lived in northern New Mexico during the 1950s (obviously before you) and it was drier and just as hot. The 1960s got much cooler and wetter.

    • Andy DC says:

      There have been places that have been warm, that is true, but other places have been persistently cool. It is a weather pattern stuck in a rut, more so than any great net warming.

      By the way, much of the USA has averaged well below normal for the month of October.

  6. To all who are “undecided” or even mildly concerned about “global warming”, after a less-than-record-breaking hot summer in the US: When does variation in “weather” become variation in “climate”? Here in central Tennessee, it is not that the temperatures have been warmer than normal, on a seasonal basis, but that we had a clearly early spring (a la Groundhog’s Day, six weeks early — and that Day should tell you such an early spring is not unusual, but happens often enough to be a happy tradition), but an early break (of “only” about 3 or 4 weeks) in the all-too-normal summer heat, before a normal fall. I would posit that those variations, in the timing of the seasons constitute climate change (just from one year to the next, not irreversible), more than a difference of even as much as 5 to 10 degrees (F) in seasonal average temperatures (again, from one year to the next — who can say what the third year will bring? Old-timers bunions? Certainly not climate scientists.) When does “anecdotal” evidence become “determinative”? After 17 years? After one year? After the latest storm? As a physicist of an older and wiser tradition, I call the debate, and above all the “lukewarm” indecision expressed by many, incompetent, and call on everyone to focus, as Steven Goddard is doing, upon the clear fraud in the temperature records, being perpetrated by our clearly suborned “authoritative” scientific institutions, who are entrusted not to lie and cheat (especially about their qualifications as experts).

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