McKitten Suffering Inner Ear Problems?

Twitter / billmckibben: Record fire seasons in west …

Forest fire counts have been plummeting since 2006, and are currently the lowest on record in the National Interagency Fire database. McKitten must be suffering balance problems.

National Interagency Fire Center


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5 Responses to McKitten Suffering Inner Ear Problems?

  1. gator69 says:

    Does he not know that “the west” is in the northern hemisphere, is about to encounter a thing called “winter”? Time to check his Mayan calendar again.

  2. Andy DC says:

    People are sick of these lies and BS scare tactics. Hopefully, this upcoming election will reflect that.

  3. RobertvdL says:

    don’t kibbing me

  4. anthonyvioli says:

    I notice he only uses articles and no data when sprouting all this nonsense.

  5. PaddikJ says:

    If so, inner-ear problems are the least of McKibbles challenges.

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