No Deniers In Africa

Nigerian Observer Online Edition


Born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii’


Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate



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6 Responses to No Deniers In Africa

  1. gator69 says:

    I wonder how his nephew is doing? Obama gave $24,000 to his two little girls (the maximum tax free gift allowed, in other words a $24,000 tax dodge), and sent zip to his deprived relatives in Kenya. Where is the “fairness” in that?

  2. Andy DC says:

    I think there are enough real issues with Obama without having to delve into the Kenyan stuff.

    • gator69 says:

      That is the heart of the real issues, Obama was not raised like an American. He has no reverence for our flag, founders or culture. As a child, I recited the pledge of allegiance, to the flag, with my hand over my heart every day before school began. Obama was told of undefeated warrior monkey gods.

    • The fact that he lied about his birthplace for most of his life is not an issue?

  3. agwnonsense says:

    in a corporate dictatorship you get what you pay for not what you vote for

  4. jabali316 says:

    Hi Steven,

    There are at least two reasonable interpretations for the contradictions about Barry’s birthplace. I’m going with the less extraordinary one. The man is a pathological liar. When it suited his financial interest, he was born in Kenya. His partly fictional autobio would be more ‘inspirational’ if the publicity billed the book as the success story of an immigrant.

    But when it suited Barry’s political interest, he was born in Hawaii. I think that this version is accurate. did a convincing analysis of the available documents. But they also offered a not-so-convincing alternative to the Birther hypothesis.

    Obama the love child?

    “I am going to toss out a theory here; a theory that explains why even though Obama was born here in Hawaii why there has been obfuscation over the birth certificate. The theory involves a minor scandal Obama needed hidden, yet was too trivial to be of use to either Hillary Clinton or John McCain during the 2008 campaign.

    “That is the real issue here. If there was anything at all to this claim that Obama is not a natural born citizen, both Hillary and McCain would not have hesitated to use it to remove Obama and win the White House. So there must be another explanation.”

    Read more here.

    Larry Fields

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