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Global Warming Worse Than Dresden

Eighty percent of  Dresden was destroyed by allied planes dropping Napalm over a 12 hour period in February, 1945. Climate experts tell us that 0.7C warming over 150 years is the worst problem humans have ever faced.. 02 Jul 1947 – Women … Continue reading

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Obama Quiz

If Obama immediately recognized the obvious fact that Libya was a terrorist attack, why did he spend the next two weeks calling it a spontaneous anti-YouTube demonstration. Obama is incompetent Obama is a liar Obama is an incompetent liar Crowley is a scoundrel Obama is a scoundrel … Continue reading

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Always Remember To De-Ice The Flag Before Leaving The Green

summit:status:webcam NASA’s top experts were stunned by the massive meltdown this summer, which obliterated 97% of the ice – when temperatures got barely above freezing for a couple of hours. 97% of Greenland’s surface ice melts in two weeks A massive 97% of … Continue reading

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Ice-Free Arctic Gaining A Manhattan Of Ice Every Twenty Seconds

ssmi_ice_ext.png (1667×1250)

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Disturbing CO2 Trend Continues

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Obama, Crowley Continue To Wreck Their Reputations

By agreeing to lie and cheat for Obama, Crowley has destroyed any minimal reputation she may have had as a serious journalist. Obama still wrong on Libya; Crowley blows it In what surely was one of the weirdest incidents in a … Continue reading

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CO2 Overwhelms The Atmosphere

If you had 100,000 people in a football stadium, and each one represented a molecule in the atmosphere – how many would be CO2? H2O –            1,000 CO2 –               … Continue reading

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