Bill McKitten Explains Physics

McKitten tells us that all the heat this summer produced record calm weather. Two years ago, he told us that the record cold and snowy winter was caused by “more energy in the system.”

The McKitten principle can be summarized as :

  1. Cold, stormy weather is caused by high atmospheric energy
  2. Hot, calm weather is caused by high atmospheric energy

It is amazing that he ever got past kindergarten.

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3 Responses to Bill McKitten Explains Physics

  1. Sundance says:

    Justin Gillis was at Northwester University telling well heeled North Shore wine sippers that the melting Arctic ice cap will raise sea level 250 feet. Hansen is already taking a gondola to get to the GISS office I guess. 🙂

  2. “It is amazing that he ever got past kindergarten.”

    You can’t really fail kindergarten.

  3. Rosco says:

    The real travesty is that mass and density are ignored in the so-called “settled” science.

    How can people with PHDs think experimentally determined physical properties like thermal conductivity do not conclusively demonstrate there is no powerful energy absorption/emission by so-called GHGs is beyond me.

    The oceans and soils are up to a thousand times more dense than the atmosphere but apparently not as dense as climatologists who think mass has no part in energy transmission considerations.

    How can something have a powerful radiative effect that doesn’t show up in a thermal conductivity determination ?

    Why are water vapour and CO2 less thermally conductive than ordinary air if they are capable of creating the “greenhouse effect” ?

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