CO2 Overwhelms The Atmosphere

If you had 100,000 people in a football stadium, and each one represented a molecule in the atmosphere – how many would be CO2?

H2O –            1,000
CO2 –                  40
Methane –            0

H2O is a much more effective greenhouse gas than CO2, and it is also vastly more abundant. Changes in atmospheric CO2 and Methane levels are just noise. People who claim otherwise are simply not very bright.

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15 Responses to CO2 Overwhelms The Atmosphere

  1. Billy Liar says:

    There would have to be one Methane person so as not to offend Methane.

  2. RobertvdL says:

    Health concerns over sustainable fuel

    BIODIESEL made from soy and canola produces compounds that can cause serious respiratory disease, researchers say.

    A team from the Queensland University of Technology says the discovery could lead to restrictions on the use of biodiesel as an alternative to fossil fuel.

  3. kbray in california says:

    If you had 1,000 people in a football stadium, and each one represented a molecule in the atmosphere – how many would be CO2?

    CO2 – Less than 1/2 of one person.

  4. Justa Joe says:

    Early in the climate game the climate hustlers made the determination that it would be too difficult to attempt to alarm/panic the average person over water vapor so they put all of their emphasis on CO2 demonization.

  5. Yeah, it’s amazingly simple really. H20 is a GHG and so is CO2. But you have to have a two tiered system for all of this to work “correctly”. CO2 is a forcing, it affects the OLR directly. But H20 is a feedback, it only responds to heating from other sources, you know, since it is so short-lived in the atmosphere, and all (shake your head up and down, uh-huh).

    So by this logic, along comes some longwave radiation… gets captured by an H20 molecule. H20 says, “nope, I’m water vapor, so I’m not allowed to mess with you, otherwise a lot of scientists will be out of work”, and re-emits the OLR in the same exact direction as the incoming was going, by some no doubt complex and hitherto undescribed mechanism by which all of this directional data can be captured by the H20 molecule. CO2 on the other hand, is a different and much dumber kind of GHG that has none of this re-directionality logic built in. So it just scatters the OLR in any old direction. So even though it is 40x less abundant, CO2 has a much larger effect due to the lack of this special redirectionality logic. Water vapor just multiplies whatever CO2 is doing, but only after CO2 does it, but this is by an even more complex and hitherto undescribed communication mechanism.

    It’s all fairly straightforward if you read the literature, and the world around us is much simpler and easier to understand if you look at it this way…

  6. SandyFromTayside says:

    I’ve used Manchester United over in the UK for a few years now. Capacity 76,000 therefore CO2 is represented by both teams (22 players), 4 officials, Sir Alex Ferguson and the Man U substitutes. Normally met with incredulity and disbelief. I’ve been told That I’m an idiot more than once!! When you say that Argon represents the 800 odd executive seats in the Stretford end, well you’re completely mad and need to taken away for your own safety.

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