Global Warming Worse Than Dresden

Eighty percent of  Dresden was destroyed by allied planes dropping Napalm over a 12 hour period in February, 1945.

Climate experts tell us that 0.7C warming over 150 years is the worst problem humans have ever faced..

02 Jul 1947 – Women Clearing Ruins In Russian Occupied Dresden

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14 Responses to Global Warming Worse Than Dresden

  1. agwnonsense says:

    What a crock of sh-t,I think this clown must live down the bottom of my garden with Tim Flannery..I would ROFLMAO except if it wasn’t such a seriously stupid statement.

  2. Andy DC says:

    The rapid uptrend of peer reviewed data adjustments clearly indicates that we are doomed unless taxes are doubled and our SUVs confiscated within the next six minutes.

  3. Scarface says:

    Yeah, well, that is, CO2 is not biodegradable, you know? Oh wait…

  4. Randall_G says:

    Ok, I’m lost yet again. Steve, I follow you and a couple of other Steves, as well as Anthony, Marc, Jo, Donna, Tom and others at least twice a day, every day. Most of the time I know where you are coming from with your posts, but there are time you lose me. Like on this one. Huh? Who said the stupid, errr, controversial stuff this time? A link or a clue, please!

    A minor point of order: Dresden was hit with incendiary phosphorus sub-munition bomblets, not jellied gasoline (napalm). The incendiary bomblets were designed to penetrate through slate and tile rooves to fire the lower levels. Naplam was almost always delivered in the European and Asian Theaters as close air support with fighters and fighter bombers. I’m not aware of any carpet bombing missions in WWII using soley napalm from heavy bombers, though LeMay might have tried it on Japan.

    • Robin Melville says:

      Correct. Napalm wasn’t used in “carpet bombing” in the European theatre. It was an extension of flamethrower technology and used as a tactical weapon. Area bombing used high explosive (HE) initially to “open up” the houses followed by phosphorus incendiaries to make them burn. This caused the firestorms in Dresden and Hamburg. Quite what these ancient terrorist horrors have to do with climate misinformation is a little puzzling.

    • Bill Pounder says:

      If I had my druthers, I’d druther suffer 0.07C warming over 150 years than an incendiary fire bomb for 0.07 seconds. There is no need to be “lost again”.

  5. NikFromNYC says:

    “Strain number one’s attack on the eyes, called trachoma, is now rare in the United States and Europe, but is still the leading infectious cause of blindness in hot, dry regions of the Third World. The main symptom is hard pustules on the inner surface of the eyelids. About five hundred million people are currently infected, resulting in six million to eight million cases of blindness…. Clean water and control of eye-seeking flies usually put an end to it.” – Wayne Biddle (A Field Guide to Germs1995)

    From rodent, roach, rabbid raccoon infested and now bedbug ridden “green” NYC, I offer an additional sense of perspective: every R&D dollar spent chasing Gore’s ghosts is a dollar taken from hard working organic chemists who would positively love to whip up thousands of new potential antibiotics, if only everybody would stop arguing all day about the weather to give hugs where they are really due, and a dollar or two too. Every night, winter, spring, every holiday and birthday, at 4AM I strutted home, sleeping in until Aldrich chemical in Jersey delivered the cans inside of foil bags inside of cans in another foil bag, stuff that caught fire in air, stuff I’d ordered before the hour of 5PM. “You can’t get chemicals the next day at state schools!”

  6. Sleepalot says:

    Steve, please be aware you are using the dialectic of a Nazi sympathiser.

    There’s nothing noteable about Dresden.

    • Sleepalot says:

      Oh, and contrary to the article, the death-toll was probably around 25,000,not 300,000, (even the Nazi’s only claimed 200,000)and it was 90% of the city centre that was destroyed, not 90% of Dresden.

  7. nzrobin says:

    I am happy to advise that Dresden is fine now. I visited there 4 months ago. We enjoyed a beautiful walk alongside the river, visited a market and enjoyed a friendly welcome. From there we went on to Poland. I am even happier to advise that Poland is even better.

  8. Robin Melville says:

    Dresden was largely rebuilt using US largesse under the Marshall Plan.

  9. Robin Melville says:

    After following up on “Me”s post (which is derivative on other sources) I can confirm I was mistaken on the use of napalm in the European theatre. The combination of phosphor ordinance with napalm was indeed the cause of the Dresden firestorm. Apologies.

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