How Can You Tell When Obama Is Lying?

You can reasonably expect that Obama is lying, if his lips are moving.

Obama was never on the Senate Banking Committee.

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3 Responses to How Can You Tell When Obama Is Lying?

  1. daveburton says:

    It was probably an unintentional mistake. Obama was too busy running for President to actually attend things like the meetings of his committees, so it is understandable that he couldn’t remember which committees he was on.

    OTOH, his Planned Parenthood / mammogram lie, in the 2nd Presidential Debate a few days ago, must surely have been intentional. Nobody in his position could possibly be ignorant of the fact that “millions of women” most certainly do not depend on Planned Parenthood for their mammograms, because Planned Parenthood does not do mammograms. Here’s the transcript of the 2nd Presidential debate, with Obama’s mammogram lie highlighted:

    And here’re a couple of articles about it:

    And then there’s Biden. In his debate he claimed that Planned Parenthood, which is, by far, the nation’s biggest abortion provider, “under law cannot perform abortions.”
    What do you suppose he thinks Planned Parenthood’s abortion clinics actually do, anyhow?

  2. daveburton says:

    And did you notice that “CAMPAIGN ALERT” news flash on the screen of your video clip, Steve?
    Obviously, that pledge is no longer operative.

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