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Another Ice Age?

This month has set the record for fastest Arctic ice growth in history. It also has seen the greatest ice extent ever measured at either pole. The only possible explanation is that another ice age is on the way. TIME Magazine : … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Scumbag In The White House

After doing everything he could to wreck the coal industry : Obama is running radio ads in Ohio touting his record as a coal champion. A Sad Green Story – NYTimes.com Last election he had a different story. “If somebody … Continue reading

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A Peek Inside The Psychotic Mindset Of The Climate Religion

(Reuters) – On a windswept Swedish mountain, a 10,000-year-old spruce with a claim to be the world’s oldest tree is getting a new lease of life thanks to global warming, even as many plants are struggling. Unprecedented global warming kills trees, … Continue reading

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Climate Attribution Achieved

Until now, it has been impossible to link specific junk science papers to excessive amounts of climate research funding. However, we do know that the availability of billions of dollars to fund climate science, loads the dice for academics to … Continue reading

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NASA : Working To Lower The American IQ A Few More Notches

Climate change makes sheep shrink and marmots get fat Climate Kids: EARTH NOW h/t to Dave G

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Below350.org Time To Choose Our Future Climate

The use of fossil fuels has destroyed our climate. Quality of life was much better during the Little Ice Age. Failure to act could lead to the frightening scenario below. National Trust campaign highlights how gardens will look if global … Continue reading

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The Obama Stimulus Plan

Obama is bringing unemployment down, by getting huge numbers of people to give up and quit looking for jobs. Gallup.Com – The Behavioral Economy by Dennis Jacobe: Unemployment Rate Decline Is Misleading

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