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Obama Believes In Equal Opportunity

He is just as willing to lie to his constituency, as to everybody else. Twitter / ClimateSilence: Just a reminder: 6 months ago …

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Does Obama Suffer From Memory Problems?

Obama not only forgets how many states there are in the US, what country he was born in, which committees he serves on, and where he left his birth certificate – but he also forgets which religion he belongs to.

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Obama’s Green Energy Disaster

Obama promised five million green jobs, and he delivered shit on a shingle. The complete list of faltering or bankrupt green-energy companies: Evergreen Solar ($24 million)* SpectraWatt ($500,000)* Solyndra ($535 million)* Beacon Power ($69 million)* AES’s subsidiary Eastern Energy ($17.1 … Continue reading

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The Facts About Climate Change Nutcases

Climate Silence In other words The have no idea what they are talking about The want to see America destroyed

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How Did That Socialism Thing Work Out For You?

Four years ago, Newsweek bragged that they had helped trick America into electing a Bolshevik president. Today they announced that they are going out of business.

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