1939 – When Climate Scientists Still Did Science And Still Had Brains

Glaciers were observed to be retreating since the middle of the 18th century, and scientists  understood that this was not likely to be caused by CO2.


Ice Retreating.

One of the riddles which is puzzling geologists all over the world is the continuous retreat of the ice glaciers. Does this phenomenon indicate that the sun is getting hotter as some astronomers believe or is it dependent upon comparatively unimportant changes in the earth’s atmosphere ?

The steady retreat of the glaciers in New Zealand he said had been observed during the last 70 years. Photographs taken in 1896 and 1935 showed that several glaciers had retreated distances varying from 100 yards to half a mile in 40 years.


The phenomenon, however, was world-wide. Equally impressive records were obtainable from Switzerland, Scandinavia, Iceland and  the United States.

In Alaska glaciers had been retreating from  100 to 200 years, the average rate of recession being about 50 feet a year. The Antarctic ice sheet also showed signs of recent retreat.

“In fact,” said Professor Speight, “no case is recorded of a region of the world in which  there are present signs of an advance.

13 Jan 1939 – RIDDLE OF THE GLACIERS. Ice Retreating. GEOLOGIS…



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3 Responses to 1939 – When Climate Scientists Still Did Science And Still Had Brains

  1. Brian G Valentine says:

    They were quite familiar with the emergence from the LIA, and wrote extensively about it

  2. tckev says:

    It the past Jim (Hansen) but not as you know it.

  3. We need fresh water, not glaciers and ice..

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