David Appell Was Right!

The election may come down to one vote in Colorado, which means I do control the future of the planet.


Election 2012 – Rasmussen Reports™

I will be careful to avoid hanging chads at the voting booth.

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6 Responses to David Appell Was Right!

  1. Brian G Valentine says:

    Romney 302+, the balance to the opponent.

    I just know it.

  2. Me says:

    David Appell Was Right!

    😆 Maybe a long time ago but he is mostly left now!

  3. Brian G Valentine says:

    Last year I was not happy to recognize that Romney was the heir apparent. I feared he would be another McCain about “global warming.”

    But somewhere along the line Romney recognized that the fundamental basis of the economic turn down (not limited to the US) has been the direct result of meaningless responses to fake global warming. For reasons unknown, many people have not equated the two ideas.

    Even Obama appears to have quit trying to adequate “green jobs” with “economic turnaround”

  4. Eric Simpson says:

    I have high hopes that Pennsylvania will go against Obama.
    Colorado is 9 electoral votes, and Pennsylvania 20. Ohio 18. So PA is a big prize. But most people feel that you got to be nuts to think that Romney will win PA, -despite- a susquehana poll yesterday showing O down by 4 in PA. Well, wait and see. Certainly, virtually every single person on every square mile of western PA can’t stand the wolf in wolves’ clothing that presides over this country. All it will take for O to lose PA is a tiny fraction more of the Dem leaners in Philadelphia to see that Romney is a better deal.

    / And it’s great to have the leftist David Apple commenting on this site, because he gets us all fired up and excited. Maybe he should be a paid guest blogger here, or pay him to comment daily. The site certainly could not survive without him. /

  5. philjourdan says:

    I hung Chad 10 years ago. For bad comedy!

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