McKitten Complains About A Lack Of Tornadoes

Last week, Bill McKitten lamented the lack of tornadoes in 2012, and blamed it on CO2.

Perhaps he would prefer this.

09 Jun 1947 – Tornadoes leave 16,000 homeless in U S A New Yor…

11 Apr 1947 – Tornado Wrecks Texas Towns

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4 Responses to McKitten Complains About A Lack Of Tornadoes

  1. Andy DC says:

    In the ideal, safe, under 350 ppm world of 1925, a single tornado killed 700 in the lower Midwest without hitting a major city. At least that wasn’t “weird”, like the lack of tornadoes this year. Or the lack of a major landfalling US hurricane over the last 7 years.

  2. lance says:

    i’m pretty sure next year will have some tornados…
    and i’m pretty sure that one of them will be the worst one ever
    this will allow him to toot(tweet) his horn again…

    co2 has finally left alberta, we are in some very cool weather now…can hardly wait for the jet stream to move north again and allow the co2 to re-establish itself here..

  3. Tornadoes are just the earth restoring balance. How can blame nature for being nature?

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