Obama : Blame Free Speech First, Or White People, Or YouTube, Or George Bush, Or Rush Limbaugh, Or Bitter People Who Cling To Guns And Religion …..

September 12, 2012

“The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims – as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions. Today, the 11th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, Americans are honoring our patriots and those who serve our nation as the fitting response to the enemies of democracy. Respect for religious beliefs is a cornerstone of American democracy. We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others.”

U.S. Embassy Condemns Those Who ‘Hurt the Religious Feelings of Muslims’ 

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8 Responses to Obama : Blame Free Speech First, Or White People, Or YouTube, Or George Bush, Or Rush Limbaugh, Or Bitter People Who Cling To Guns And Religion …..

  1. kbray in california says:

    Religious Initiated Murder/Suicide is a form of Human Sacrifice.

    Any religion inspiring such evil actions should be prohibited and banned worldwide.

    Hey UN, put that on your TO DO List.

  2. From my epochal research into the objective origin of the “ancient mysteries”, I can tell you that kbray is right about religion-inspired/authorized murder, for every major religion ancient and modern contains some form of human sacrifice as a fundamental sacred idea, which it has taken much of known history for most of mankind to outgrow. And I have found it was based upon a worldwide misunderstanding of the original wisdom handed down to man on Earth, after the infamous “Fall” (of angels/man/former gods) celebrated in the world’s many mythologies. Today, so far as I know, the only society that has decidedly not outgrown that bloody “sacred law” is Muslims. Jesus stopped it, for Christians and Jews, by replacing “an eye for an eye” with “love your neighbor as yourself, and love your heavenly Father”.

    But as to the present controversy, I was going to submit the following comment yesterday, to another Steven Goddard post, but technical difficulties intervened. It is worth communicating, if only about the bias in Bob Schieffer (see below):

    The incompetent media — even Fox news, to some extent — has wasted time arguing over whether Obama ever said “act of terror”, and what that means in what context, when the point is Obama and every one of his mouthpieces/surrogates spent weeks LYING to the free world, saying that the Benghazi attacks were, or “looked like”, a spontaneous demonstration against an anti-Mohammed video (what does that imply, “Boys will be boys, and Muslims will be Muslims”?! — as a Presidential Mideast Policy?!?), NOT the planned attack any idiot could see it was, in the film and reports from the very next day onwards (and Ambassador Stephens himself informed his superiors of a whole series of just such “targeted attacks”, which Obama must be held responsible for knowing about, long before Stephens was killed).

    [N.B. — Now that it has become clear the Benghazi controversy won’t simply go away, the CIA has, only after 40 days, supposedly come to the President’s aid, saying it informed him for many days that the attack was due to the video. Deluded supporters of Obama will accept that at face value, but after 40 days, I do not hesitate to call it closing the barn door after the horses have escaped. Obama’s total lack of character, and subversion of the characters of everyone who has worked for him in this presidential administration, is plain to anyone capable of independent thought. His administration is best seen as a criminal gang, in my book.]

    This morning [Sunday, Oct. 21], Bob Schieffer, who is slated to “moderate” the third debate, injected himself into another current controversy, just like Candy Crowley did last week, by responding to a Republican who complained about the pettiness of the “women in binders” flap, by saying that Governor Romney was the one who brought up “binders”. What?!? This man is going to “moderate” ANYTHING of importance to the nation? And another Democrat, on an entirely different channel soon after, made the same childish — or insane, in an adult — claim. If the Independents don’t all break for Romney, giving him a landslide victory, we will know that America is full of people with thick blindfolds over their eyes and ears, willingly deluded by the most blatant lies, and absolutely indifferent to the barbaric killing of a U.S. Ambassador, unprotected by his President. All this flies in the face of the clear change Romeny has effected in the first two debates — Fox News showed a group of undecideds before the second debate, who were largely convinced to vote for Romney by the end of that debate. In short, the suborned mainstream media’s best efforts for Obama notwithstanding, Romney is winning the fight for the last, deciding, votes.

  3. Paul in Sweden says:

    It does not matter what Obama says. The MSM will back him up regardless.

  4. Andy DC says:

    I believe it is not in our best interest to assume that all Muslims hate us and commit provocative acts that ensure that they do end up hating us. On the other hand, we should have no illusions about the significant percentage of Muslims that hate us.

    • kbray in california says:

      Islam needs to reform their religious doctrines that inspire the hate.
      If not, they will always hate infidels.

      The Protestant Reformation occurred in the 1500’s to make changes.
      Islam is behind the West by 500 years with no reform currently in sight.
      Be very wary… a good number of them believe Human Sacrifices gets them a special pass into Heaven. Ka-Boom. Total delusion. Sad.

  5. Obama always has been and will be a liar. He admitted being muslim till it benefited him to say hes christian only to find he had an anti-American racist pastor. He is and always will be Muslim and will always sympathize with those murdering dumbass that think suicide justifies it to earn 72 Virgins. watch him hang him self after he murders us. Wont he be disappointed when he finds all he gets is to look at Mechelle Obamas nasty scary ass face for all eternity. He’s a socialist and an extremist psycho. NObama should be arrested for treason and instead stupid people brought him back.

  6. 99ways2die says:

    Propaganda facts:

    F&F gun runner Eric Holder stated on video that they needed to “Brainwash” the public on how they think about guns.

    Saved auto industry was a lie after Ford refused bail out and GM and Crystler accepted. After the case Ford Improved sales

    and their cars with out any Gov assistance while GM and Chystler accepted bail outs of billions between the two. Later GM

    allowed the government to BUY 49% of their company then shortly after took another bail out while sending Cadillac to

    China where they are built today. Crystler gets bail out, sells to Fiat and now (As lied about as claimed) Jeep is now in

    China open for production.

    Obama tells Mexico it’s our fault for all it’s problems for our demand of drugs that Mexico supplies to our country when

    Mexico Supplies drugs to other countries as well as he also blames it on the Demand FROM the US when the real blame should

    be looked at from the supplier that also runs over 75% of their Economy as well as blaming guns that come from the US BUT

    how come he hasn’t blamed Mexico for their demand as he did us? And that brings us back to F&F, Eric Holder would you like

    to answer this question?

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