Understanding USHCN Adjustments

Tom Karl wrote some papers identifying issues which can affect temperature readings.

Therefore, USHCN can adjust temperatures any way they want.


Quiet. Scientists at work.

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5 Responses to Understanding USHCN Adjustments

  1. Andy DC says:

    Yes, they can idenitfy issues, as the long as the issues show warming. You should send them issues identifying cooling and see how many of those they incorporate.

    • They do account for UHI with a massive 0.1 degree adjustment

      • gator69 says:

        That is simply indefensible. I don’t care how good the hand waving is.

      • tckev says:

        That is of course based on actual, site specific, measurements published in peer-reviewed papers, and rechecked at intervals to ensure accuracy.
        Or just finger in the air ‘estimates’? /sarcoff

      • This is where imbeciles such as ‘physicist’ get themselves into trouble. Dozens of papers have been published in the peer reviewed literature on techniques for adjusting/correcting temperature measurements, and many of these might be characterised as ‘sceptical’. What USHCN is doing has not been published in the literature. Of course this doesn’t stop ‘physicist’ from complaining that sceptics should publish in the literature before they criticise USHCN. It is possible for him to do this because (a) he is clueless and (b) he is an idiot.

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