McKitten/Scientific American Go Full Crusade

During the Jesus Freak days of 1970s, a well known Christian group was called “Campus Crusade For Christ“.

McKitten has reincarnated with the new religion – “Campus Crusade for Climate” Hopefully they will have morning prayer circles to appease Gaia.

Bill McKibben Launches Campus Crusade for Climate: Scientific American

Nice to see that Scientific American has reduced themselves to bird cage liner.

h/t to Tom Nelson

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8 Responses to McKitten/Scientific American Go Full Crusade

  1. gator69 says:

    “Hopefully they will have morning prayer circles to appease Gaia.”

    More likely, they will have smelly drum circles.

  2. was an avid reader of the Scientific American during the 1950’s but today, I wouldn’t even use it as a bird cage liner. I have gained more useful information from having a conversation with a parrot (an African Grey) than from reading the Scientific American recently. I no longer bother with it.

  3. samitee says:

    Steve – I thought you might be interested to see that McKibbon deleted several tweets of mine today that were under the following thread where he claims that mosquitoes and mosquito born illnesses are on the rise in warming regions. This is, of course complete nonsense as anyone with even the slightest knowledge about the subject can tell you that mosquitoes thrive in cold, dry temperatures. I pointed this out in the thread as well as the fact that the largest Malaria outbreak occurred in the USSR in the 1920s. I was immediately attacked by his lunatic followers and then Bill decided to delete my last two tweets which exposed his ridiculous claim for the nonsense that it is.

    Here’s the tweet thread –

    My last 2 tweets that were deleted –

    @billmckibben and there it is, readers. When confronted w/facts, alarmists turn nasty & resort to threats & ad homs. no debating with them.

    @billmckibben – What does one of the world’s top experts on malaria have to say about the matter? EDUCATE YOURSELVES –

    These people are absolute lunatics. They are nothing but dogmatic, propaganda peddlers who will silence all opinions that disagree with their own to continue to push their global agenda. There is no debating with these people, they are a lost cause. All we can do now is spread the word and educate those who still have open minds.

  4. Dave N says:

    Seriously, a “crusade campus” has everything to do with politics/activism and nothing to do with science.

    OTOH, SA joined the ranks of tabloidism years ago, as did Nature. I sincerely hope journals like GRL don’t follow suit.

  5. kirkmyers says:

    McKibben obviously enjoys making outrageous climate predictions that will be regurgitated ad nauseum by presstitute stenogaphers in the corporate-controlled media. He doesn’t care how ridiculous he appears. He loves the publicity.

  6. Vince says:

    “Nice to see that Scientific American has reduced themselves to bird cage liner.”

    Actually, I don’t even think it’s fit for that purpose. I have birds and I would never expose them to that crap.

  7. Andy DC says:

    What next? A campus crusade to pick your nose?

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