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LA Times Responds To Libya Revelations

A smoking gun has been found that the White House lied about Libya, and the LA Times responds with a lead story featuring rapist Bill Clinton as a defender of women’s rights. Los Angeles Times – California, national and world … Continue reading

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Pravda Backs Obama

CBS news shows why they are worse than Soviet Pravda. The left story below should read “Obama misled the American people about Benghazi” and the right story below shouldn’t exist. CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley – Latest News & Videos – … Continue reading

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Another Obama Backed Scam Company Rips Off The American People – Again

A123 Systems Wants to Pay Bonuses to Top Executives October 22, 2012 A123 Systems Inc., the electric car battery maker that filed for Chapter 11 last week after receiving nearly $250 million in government grants, wants to pay more than … Continue reading

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The New Puritans

Puritans believed that humans were evil, and that faith and an ascetic lifestyle were essential components of salvation. Global warmers share the same general idea, except that their faith is derived from James Hansen, Michael Mann and CO2. Both groups believe that unbelievers in their faith should be … Continue reading

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Time To Start Impeachment Proceedings

The liar in chief knew it was a terrorist attack on 9/11, and then lied to the American people repeatedly, with the explicit help of Candy Crowley and CNN. Officials at the White House and State Department were advised two … Continue reading

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Grist : Vast Racist Right Wing Conspiracy Behind Climate Denial

Throughout the decade from 1998 to 2008, Democrats swung around more solidly behind climate concern, but Republican sentiment stayed roughly steady. Right around 2008, however, there was a sharp uptick in skepticism about climate change, almost exclusively among far-right conservatives. Now, what happened in … Continue reading

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