Multi-Meter Sea Level Rise This Century

There is enough information now, in my opinion, to make it a near certainty that IPCC BAU climate forcing scenarios would lead to a disastrous multi-meter sea level rise on the century timescale.

– James Hansen

Scientific reticence and sea level rise – IOPscience

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2 Responses to Multi-Meter Sea Level Rise This Century

  1. Andy DC says:

    Any prediction made for 88 years in the future is totally meaningless because no matter what the prediction is, it cannot be proved or disproved at this time. We will all be long gone before we can ascertain who is right or wrong.

    • He has also been publishing speculation recently that the climate system can remain ‘stable’ for long periods, then pow, tipping point and it all goes to hell. Presumably there doesn’t need to be any empirical support for the claim for the first 87 years. 😉

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