Nature Tells Suzuki That He Is A Moron

During the 2010 El Nino, Suzuki said that the lack of snow at the Olympics was due to global warming.

Mt. Norquay | Banff’s Family Ski Resort and a Tradition since 1926

h/t to  Dave in Canmore

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7 Responses to Nature Tells Suzuki That He Is A Moron

  1. Environmentalist David Suzuki receives finding from big petroleum. No, I’m not kidding.

  2. Lance says:

    this guys needs to be extradited to Italy…

  3. Marc77 says:

    Here are the official warmest winters from Environment Canada:

    Daily max averages over the winter
    Winter Vancouver 1897-2011
    1958 9.1C
    1992 8.9C
    1941 8.8C
    1940 8.7C
    1983 8.5C
    1998 8.4C
    2010 8.4C
    2003 8.3C
    1987 8.2C
    1953 8.1C
    1926 8.0C

    2010 was warm, but not necessarily because of global warming. Also, the 120-month moving average from 1935 to 1945 is comparable to 1990 up to the present.

  4. more soylent green! says:

    Obviously, this unusually early snow must be due to global warming as well. We know because it’s not average and if the weather varies, it must be due to human influence. Must be. We have a computer program to prove it. Let me just adjust some code first, then I’ll post the output here to show you it’s true. No need to see the input or the code, just take my word for it. In fact, no need for me to do any of that. Just accept it as true, because I’m posting it in a blog.

  5. terrence says:

    Dr Fruit Fly knows NOTHING about weather, let alone climate. In case you did not know, Suzuki got his PhD in biology – he did a “detailed” study of fruit flies.

    Many Canadians refer to him as “Dr Fruit Fly”.

    He also has a reputation for being very rude to people on the street, in stores, etc. In book stores, he will, apparently, only talk to people who buy his book and want it autographed.

    • Me says:

      I saw him once in the Toronto airport eating beacon and eggs and toast, but in his defence he looked discusted about something, maybe it was people seeing him eating that or maybe it was the airport food.

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