No More Snow In Canada By 2020

Skiing forecast: No snow here by year 2020

Claude Villeneuve, a leading expert on climate change, said yesterday that by 2020 there may not be enough snow for skiing on Mount Orford.

“The trend is for winter temperatures to rise,” Villeneuve said later. “It will be high enough that, starting in 2020, there will be no snow, or no significant snow accumulation.

Skiing forecast: No snow here by year 2020

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11 Responses to No More Snow In Canada By 2020

  1. Cole says:

    “Environment Canada has reviewed our Ground Snow Loads (GSL) and has adjusted
    them to reflect new codes and recent snow conditions (over the past 20 years).
    The new GSL for Revelstoke is now 7.2 kPa (150 lbs/sq.ft.) increased from 5.8 kPa
    (121 lbs/sq.ft.).”

    Click to access A244257D85B342B0BB8E6042F8D1215A-Snow%20Loads.pdf

  2. Andy DC says:

    There is no trend for less snow and they are talking about a very snowy place. This is total insanity.

  3. Andy OZ says:

    I’d like to smoke what Monsieur Villeneuve is smoking.

  4. gofer says:

    “Asked whether remedial action to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions would correct the snow shortage, Villeneuve said yes. “But it will take about three centuries,” he added….”

    Well, let’s get right on it……

  5. Joe's World(progressive evolution) says:


    Whatever happened to good old scientific research?
    Will not ALL this propaganda brainwash our new students into this fantasy world supported by governments?
    Government advisers are selected, not for scientific knowledge, but by how much propaganda they can help backing the government with nutty policies.

  6. perstrand says:

    Today we had the first snowfall of the season, just came in from the snow as a cold blast is arriving in Northern Europe
    I wonder if Villeneuve has ever heard about the cold PDO, the coming reversal of the AMO and the slowdown in the solar activity?

  7. philjourdan says:

    Glad I am not a Hockey fan.

  8. My ski resort in Banff Alberta Canada opens today October 25 2012!
    Earliest opening in its history and the place has been there since 1929!

  9. Marc77 says:

    That’s interesting because this is near of where I live. I have downloaded the data form Environment Canada some time ago:

    The data contains the monthly averages. The nearest station from mount Orford is probably Lennoxville: latitude:45,37, longitude:-71,82
    The station exists since 1915. It does not contain adjustments and is not multiple data sets joined together. Here are the coldest monthly averages for the winter months, an E means estimated, probably because a few days were missing:

    2004 -11.0E
    1994 -10.4
    1918 -9.9
    1982 -9.8
    1970 -9.5
    1920 -9.4
    1935 -8.9
    1945 -8.5
    1985 -8.5E
    1940 -8.4
    1981 -8.3
    1977 -8.2
    2003 -8.2E
    1968 -8.0
    1971 -8.0

    1989 -10.7
    1963 -7.7
    1917 -7.6
    1935 -7.0
    1958 -7.0
    1933 -6.8
    1955 -6.8
    1970 -6.3

    1934 -9.9
    1979 -9.2
    1963 -7.6
    1923 -7.3
    1917 -7.1
    1936 -6.8
    2007 -6.8
    1993 -6.7
    1968 -6.6
    1978 -6.2

    And I have tried to generate different data sets. The 120-months moving average shows a peek anomaly of 0.95C centered on 1949. The highest value since 1980 is 0.55C centered on 2003. And the last value is 0.42C centered on 2007.

    My reaction was, where’s the warming?

  10. Marc77 says:

    I forgot to say, these are daily max values.

  11. savebyj says:

    And all the Canadians rejoiced!

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