1950 Frankenstorm

26 Nov 1950 – New York Hurricane

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4 Responses to 1950 Frankenstorm

  1. gator69 says:

    Wikipedia does not list this storm as a hurricane, the last official hurricane of the season was Love, which lasted from October 18 to October 21.

    “The Great Appalachian Storm of November 1950 was a large extratropical cyclone which moved through the Eastern United States, causing significant winds, heavy rains east of the Appalachians, and blizzard conditions along the western slopes of the mountain chain. Hurricane-force winds, peaking at 110mph in Concord, New Hampshire and 160mph in the New England highlands, disrupted power to 1,000,000 customers during the event. In all, the storm impacted 22 states, killing 353, and creating US$66.7 million in damage (1950 dollars).[2] At the time, U.S. insurance companies paid more money out to their policy holders for damage resulting from this cyclone than for any other previous storm or hurricane.”

    “The preceding atmospheric state was one of La Niña conditions, the cold phase of ENSO…”


  2. Andy DC says:

    October 1950 produced Hurricane King that had gusts close to 15o mph in the Miami area.

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