10-40 MPH

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9 Responses to 10-40 MPH

  1. After Irene last year, and Isaac this year, we could see this coming a long way off. Just another woolly old bear of a rainstorm, lumbering ashore and looking for a nice comfortable place to lie down and die.

  2. LOL in Oregon says:

    Hey Steve!
    You better not go to Italy!
    If there is any damage from this storm and you say “it won’t be that bad”
    they’ll toss you in the clink since the building codes aren’t up to it!
    It’s all your fault and we deserved to be paid by you!
    (just ask the eco-religious folk, they’ll tell you)

    LOL in Oregon

  3. From Oh Susanna by Stephen Foster: “The sun so hot, I froze to death…” The line was known as absurd when written and it still is. There will likely be lots of snow and rain falling that might be best to avoid. However, the only thing blowing really hard is the CAGW cult trying to blame the storm on man’s puny efforts.

    To protect ourselves, the alarmist’s claim that we must stop the future, destroy technological civilization, institute global governance, and force a return to the hunting and gathering tribal stage of 20,000 years ago. The consequences of that “cure” will be far worse than a hundred tropical storms made trivial by that self same technological civilization they wish to destroy..

  4. tckev says:

    For a good laugh, the screaming idiots at Huffo have excelled themselves (only exceeded by the comments section) in reporting a hurricane.

  5. Dave N says:

    If the alarmists don’t exaggerate the wind, they’re bound to focus on the “weirdness” of the amount of rain, which in reality isn’t unusual for a storm like this.

    Hyping anything that isn’t pleasant weather has now become the norm.

  6. leftinbrooklyn says:

    Climate science is The National Enquirer of the scientific community. And that’s why we won. Every two-headed child from Venus that can play every Mozart composition in reverse, turns out to just be Photoshop. Just like FrankenStorm.

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