Manchester United’s Twelve Men Slip Past Chelsea’s Nine

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6 Responses to Manchester United’s Twelve Men Slip Past Chelsea’s Nine

  1. Chris says:

    Not as bad as the perfectly good Suarez goal in stoppage time for Liverpool v Everton disallowed by the linesman! We were robbed!

    • That definitely sucked. Referees have it in for Suarez after his dive.

      • Suarez is a footballing low life. Got done for biting another player when he was at Ajax.

        My heart sinks whenever Clattenberg refs a City game. Last season, away to Chelsea and 1-0 up and all over them, he denied us a nailed on pen when Silva was tripped in the box, and then ignored two studs up high tackles by Ramires, either of which should have garnered a straight red (agreed by all pundits). Had he reffed properly, we’d have been 2-0 up after 20 minutes with Chelsea down to 10. Instead, we lost 2-1.

        My first memory of the man was when we were in the old third div., when he booked Kevin Horlock for “aggressive walking towards the referee”. Yup. A rule so rarely exercised that I have been unable to find it.

        Hopeless ref.

  2. Independent says:

    Two huge matches and the refs decided them both. I thought I was watching the Premier League, not MLS!

  3. Galvanize says:

    Suarez shouldn`t have been on the pitch anyway, after his foul on Distin.

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