45 MPH

Sandy is making landfall, and the highest wind speed I can find is 45  MPH

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  1. Hell_Is_Like_Newark says:

    I have seen sustained in the upper 40’s to low 50’s by me. Very little rain (thankfully), but it is windier than Irene. The storm surge has been impressive. If there is damage here is going to be because of the surge.

  2. John Silver says:

    Sandy is dying, good riddance.

  3. Eric Webb says:

    Plum Island, New York had an 84 MPH wind gust, you don’t see a wind gust like that with only 45 MPH sustained winds.

  4. Stephen Richards says:

    Eric Webb says:

    October 29, 2012 at 9:02 pm

    Plum Island, New York had an 84 MPH wind gust, you don’t see a wind gust like that with only 45 MPH sustained winds.

    A good guide is to double the sustained wind speed to get the max possible gust.

  5. NikFromNYC says:

    The West Side Highway as it hugs Riverside Park is merely a few small feet above sea level, so has already “flooded” but it’s about a hundred feet higher for water to overrun the park itself:


  6. Stephen Richards says:

    Strange, the NYC traffic cams have all been taken out of service. Are there power cuts in the city.

    • Hell_Is_Like_Newark says:

      ConEd was planning to shut power in parts of Lower Manhattan should flood waters comes in. In Manhattan, the power lines and transformers are all underground.

  7. Andy DC says:

    Here in the DC area, we have had a couple gusts of around 55 mph. Sustained winds not more than 30 mph or so. It isn’t over yet, but so far nothing out of the ordinary.

  8. Rick Pay says:

    Interesting that the storm itself is moving at 24 knots but the wind isn’t much greater!

  9. kbray in california says:

    90 MPH sustained ?? I don’t see it anywhere.

    Voting early for Obummer must have appeased Gaia’s Revenge…

  10. Lance says:

    Yes, i’m thinking we get some chinooks gusts and winds higher than that Cat 1 you guys got…not to deminish the affect of any rain/storm surge you may get…but this is a POLITICAL Cat 1 storm…

  11. Rick Pay says:

    Right on Lance … yeterday I called it a “hype-icane”.
    My dog farts harder than a lot of the stations are reporting on Steven’s posted map 😉

  12. ralphcramdo says:

    Local Tampa news showed Sandy with hurricane force winds at a mind numbing 25 mph.

  13. Greg Locke says:

    If you check random sites from Dover north and east to Southampton (and including NYC and Newark), the highest sustained winds reported have been 43mph. My data doesn’t show gusts, but 80 mph gusts are certainly possible with 45mph sustained winds.

    By the way, the lowest barometric pressure I’ve seen is 28.13 inches near Dover. Pressure was still dropping last hour. Me thinks this is a storm. Maybe even a bad storm. The apocalypse it is not.

  14. ralphcramdo says:

    Hurricane force winds as reported by Fox Tampa Channel 13

  15. kbray in california says:

    Here’s someone in the eye crossing at 6pm:

    “Gaylon says:
    October 29, 2012 at 2:59 pm
    The eye just passed us…whew! dodged a bullet (sarc/off). Still light winds here and drizzle. Watching a news cast of a guy on the coast commenting on “whipping” winds “driving” rain while a potted palm swayed gracefully behind him, no visible rain, lol. It’s kinda suspicious to me when they don’t wipe the water spots off the lens cover.
    Sorry to hear, and do believe, that it must be worse somewhere else, and we hope you guys are all alright.
    But here at ground zero this has turned out to be a non-event up to this point. Newscasters saying local sustained winds around 40 mph with gusts all the way up to 54 mph! Me thinks the 90 mph winds may be up a few dozen hundred feet, cuz we haven’t seen a gust that I would even call 30 mph. Oh well.
    it’s 6pm our time.


    H/T Gaylon @ WUWT

    Someone seems to be jerking us around…

  16. Hell_Is_Like_Newark says:

    NOAA just raised the storm surge probability here. The water was already above the normal high tide mark during low tide.

  17. tckev says:

    The next meme for the warmists will be ‘get used to the seawater flooding as this will be the new normal.’
    Any bets as to who will come out with this kind of remark first?

  18. Storm no longer a “hurricane” as per TWC. Now called “super storm Sandy”.

  19. The Iconoclast says:

    Wasn’t that scary, huh? Didn’t you see those pancakes coming right out at you? Blueberry pancakes scare me, I don’t know about you. Buckwheat particularly can be frightening. Well kids it’s not one of our biggies I can tell you that.

  20. They are radicals, after the children (and clueless immigrants). “Who knows only his own generation [of hurricanes] remains always a child.” This is a long-range war for the public mind, waged over generations as opportunities appear (“never let a good crisis go to waste”).

  21. Time Square still all lit up. No damage from the “canyons in the city”.

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