Can You Charge Someone Who Says He Was Born In Kenya With Treason?

CHARLES WOODS, father of Tyrone Woods: I can’t imagine anyone with any heart that would watch a battle rage for seven hours knowing that heroes were there that were going to be slaughtered if you didn’t have help sent in. Because we know that C130s could have been sent there in less than an hour. Jets could have been scrambled in minutes from many different parts of the globe. The order was ‘don’t help them, let them die.’

You know, I’m sorry, the people in the military are honorable and when they make a vow, they’re honorable enough to live up to it. Part of that vow is to defend American lives on American soil, from all enemies, foreign and domestic. This compound was American soil by international law. I’m speaking as an attorney. By international law. A diplomatic compound is American soil, no matter where it’s located. So we had 30 American citizens on American soil. This is no different than if it happened in L.A., or any other city. It would not take seven hours, normally, to scramble the jets, to send the 130 if this was on American soil in California, New York, or any other place.

But to political would be dishonorable to my son’s life and death. However, I am here to honor my son. Part of the process of honoring, is to forgive. But part of the other process is truth and to make sure that justice is pursued. I hope that it is because justice has to be paid.


WOODS: I don’t want to point any fingers, but obviously people in the White House were watching this happen. Real time. They — someone in the White House, or many people in the White House watched the events unfolding and knew that if they gave the order to stand down, that my son would die. They watched my son die. As far as I’m concerned, there are people in the White House — whoever it was that was in that room watching that video of my son dying, their cries for help, their order ‘don’t help them at all, let them die’ — whoever it might be, might be numerous people, you have the blood of my son, you have the blood of an American hero on your hands. I don’t know who you are, but one of these days the truth will come out. I still forgive you, but you need to stand up.

Father Of Slain SEAL To WH: “You Have The Blood Of An American Hero On Your Hands” | RealClearPolitics

h/t to DaveG

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6 Responses to Can You Charge Someone Who Says He Was Born In Kenya With Treason?

  1. Owen says:

    Obama needs to be tried as a traitor,. Not protecting Americans on American soil is treason !

  2. Andy DC says:

    If it was like what Mr. Woods described, heads should roll.

  3. gator69 says:

    Right after Sept 11th, Gen Ham told Chaffetz that was never given the order to secure the consulate. Panetta said Ham was part of a team that decided against sending help. Which is it?

    I know which story I trust.

  4. George Soros funded group obtains (somehow) personal banking information of maker of Obama documentary, “Dreams of My Real Father”. It’s being called hacking. But is it really necessary for George Soros to get a hacker to obtain any bank information? What big bank would he not have friends in high places at?

  5. Larry Fields says:

    Shades of the USS Liberty Incident in 1967. And yes, I think that Lyndon Johnson committed treason on that day.
    Larry Fields

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