How Many People Did Sandy Save?

Latest toll is 34 dead from Sandy, including traffic fatalities blamed on the weather.

A normal two day period in the northeast would have about 60 traffic fatalities.

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4 Responses to How Many People Did Sandy Save?

  1. gator69 says:

    If a hurricane were headed straight for the consulate in Benghazi, would Obama send FEMA?

  2. Sundance says:

    Excellent point.

  3. Eric Simpson says:

    JOE BASTARDI on Fox News: My father [also a meteorologist] used to call it “the shortcut storm.” He said he was confident he would see it before his days were numbered, and he’s finally seen it, okay? That’s the first thing. Second thing is, get used to it along the East Coast. Maybe not this kind of track, but we are in a perilous time because the Atlantic’s warm; the Pacific’s cold. It’s the 1950s all over again. It has nothing to do with global warming, it has everything to do with nature, and then we’ll go back to where we were in the sixties and seventies.
    Do you realize we had ten major hurricanes run the Eastern Seaboard between ’54 and 1960? Six of them in ’54 and ’55 — six hurricane hits — from North Carolina northward. So, you know, the old Bachman-Turner song, “You ain’t seen nothing yet”? If anything, I was too quick on the gun several years ago when I said we were gonna see this type of thing.

  4. You have to subtract fewer traffic accidents because more people stayed in doors, but then add back additional bathtub drownings, because more people stayed in doors…

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