Fox News Stupid Lead Photo Of The Day

It doesn’t get much dumber than this. Why did they build that house on stilts, Homer?

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8 Responses to Fox News Stupid Lead Photo Of The Day

  1. I guess public education is even worse than I thought. News media and liberals, at least, have no idea that you clean up and go on with life after a storm. It’s quite disturbing–maybe we need Obama to come out and tell us what to do. Or maybe we should clean up and go on……

  2. kbray in california says:

    Smart people have learned it’s better to build well above flood levels:

    The Higher the Dryer.

  3. kbray in california says:

    Winter storms blowing over the ocean create massive waves for California every year:,8599,1964051,00.html

    Wind and water are powerful and predictable. It’s just a matter of time if you live at sea level.

  4. gofer says:

    They were standing on the beach raving about the destruction when I didn’t see a single house they didn’t still have it’s roof intact and most of the shingles still intact. The problem was they were built on sand. While it was a mess, it didn’t come near their verbose descriptions

  5. tckev says:

    Why did they build that house on stilts…
    It gave the space to park 3 SUVs.

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