My Climate Hero Award

According to Bill McKibben, my CO2 footprint contributed to the record low number of tornadoes this summer.

Many lives were no doubt saved, and I feel that I deserve the Medal Of Honor for occasionally sacrificing my bike ride to get in my car and crank out some extra CO2.

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4 Responses to My Climate Hero Award

  1. suyts says:

    Well done! Maybe you can ask Mikey if he’ll share his imaginary Nobel with you!

  2. gofer says:

    David Roberts@drgrist
    The mega-hurricanes that we CAN prevent are the ones that will bedevil our children in the latter third of this century”

    Do they really believe this? Do they think the weather a 100 years ago was perfect with no hurricanes or tornados? So, lets spend billions/trillions to possibly prevent a hurricane 70 years from now? You mean we got to put up with all this bad weather for decades so our great grandchilren can live in a world that doesn’t suffer bad weather? Such a deal. People sacrifice for their children’s education and their welfare, but you got to be crazy to try and convince people to make major sacrifices so their yet unborn grandchildren will not have to deal with hurricanes, maybe.

    I suggest Roberts do some research on east coast hurricanes in ’53 and ’54. They are in denial that actually the climate/weather is better than most of recent history. The truth is just the opposite of their statements.

    The nutters are preaching that humans caused Sandy. They are saying to all those people on the East Coast, “It’s all your fault.” Somebody at Grist suggested a picture of a floating car with the caption, “This car helped bring on Sandy.” I’ll wager the person making that statement drives a car. It’s disgusting to watch them carry on with their propaganda while people are suffering and then blaming them. They are nothing but secular evangalists preaching their version of “end of the world” calling for repentance for using “fossil fuels”.

  3. Andy DC says:

    In 1893 alone, there were three US landfalling major hurricanes, plus a CAT 2 and a CAT 1.

    In 1933 there were two major landfalling hurricanes a day apart. One hit FL and the other TX.
    Two weeks earlier another hurricane had hit Norfolk and DC.

  4. gofer says:

    “New Yorkers in fuel scramble as storm-hit pumps dry up”

    Wait a minute, isn’t this what caused this whole mess? Why isn’t McKibben out there trying to prevent them from getting gas?

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