1933 : US Hit By Two Major Hurricanes In A Week

It has been more than seven years since a major hurricane struck the US, the longest such period since the Civil War.

In 1933, the US was hit by two major hurricanes a week apart. CO2 was well below Hansen’s safe level of 350 PPM at the time.

1933 Atlantic hurricane season – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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2 Responses to 1933 : US Hit By Two Major Hurricanes In A Week

  1. savebyj says:

    You would think these guys would like actually check the internet before they opened their mouths on these subjects.

  2. Don B says:

    “To put things into even starker perspective, consider that from August 1954 through August 1955, the East Coast saw three different storms make landfall—Carol, Hazel and Diane—that in 2012 each would have caused about twice as much damage as Sandy.

    “While it’s hardly mentioned in the media, the U.S. is currently in an extended and intense hurricane “drought.” The last Category 3 or stronger storm to make landfall was Wilma in 2005. The more than seven years since then is the longest such span in over a century.”


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