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Mermaid Hopes To Stop Others From Using Energy

The battle against Big Energy’s rush to ruin our planet | Daryl Hannah | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk I was living in Sedona, Arizona during the mid-1980s – when Darryl used to fly in and out every few weeks … Continue reading

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Morning Invocation

The great prophet Obama was besieged by CO2 apostates and his polls were plummeting into the abyss, when a miracle occurred. The CO2 gods sent Sandy to end the demise of the prophet, and give him a venue to hide his Libya transgressions – … Continue reading

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Another Storm Hits New Jersey

Banging his hand on the table he says : I did not have sexual relations with that those woman women Women: Sen. Bob Menendez paid us for sex in the Dominican Republic | The Daily Caller

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Obama Failed To Halt Sandy

After he was elected, Obama promised to hold the seas back and heal the planet. Four years later it appears that he failed.

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1932 : Darwin’s Son Said Civilization Was Doomed Unless We Adopted The Core Of The Nazi Belief System

Major Darwin Predicts Civilization’s Doom Unless Century Brings Wide Eugenic Reforms – Article – NYTimes.com h/t to sabretoothed

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1933 : US Hit By Two Major Hurricanes In A Week

It has been more than seven years since a major hurricane struck the US, the longest such period since the Civil War. In 1933, the US was hit by two major hurricanes a week apart. CO2 was well below Hansen’s safe level … Continue reading

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Climate Morons Believe That Sea Level Has Risen Three Metres Since 1988

The stupidity of these people is seemingly limitless. When will Hansen apologize to the world for creating an army of morons like RT? Manhattan flooded in 1821 from a hurricane storm surge that rose 13 feet in one hour. The city appears … Continue reading

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