Americans Even Weaker Minded Than Australians

It took many years of severe drought to soften up Australian’s brains enough to vote for Julia.

The US is succumbing much more easily. One storm is enough to turn half of America full stupid.

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9 Responses to Americans Even Weaker Minded Than Australians

  1. nzrobin says:

    New Zealander’s must be dumber still. No climate catasptrophe. About 70% of electricity is hydro power. A beautiful land. Yet we implement a stupid emissions trading tax – even before Australia.

  2. Australians did not vote for Julia. It was a coup d’état within her party. She lied to the public by declaring there would be no carbon tax and then immediately after the election introduced one in order to form government with the greens. Ever since then, the green movement in Australia has been in decline and her party has generally been receiving devastating polling results.

  3. Hugh K says:

    I’m not as concerned with the increase of CO2 in the world as I am the shrinkage of testicles in academia.

  4. Traitor In Chief says:

    …..Only the stupid half….

  5. ozspeaksup says:

    As Will N above said.
    she lied re NO CARBON TAX under a govt she led.
    that fooled some to vote for her,
    she still wouldnt have got in except for the greens siding with her along Socialist communist style thought..
    even then..
    they had to LIE again! to the 3 independants to manage to scrape the numbers to get in.
    all 3 independants have also been fobbed off on the reasons they gave to support their pet agendas.and are none too happy looking..
    She may be the single most HATED Aussie PM ever, though weve had others come close:-)
    She will be OUT! so fast her feet wont touch the floor as soon as we can vote again.
    as a female I am embarrassed and angry our first female PM is such a stupid useless lying POS!
    her recent rant on misogyny got wide press, however the fools lauding her up for it FAILED to note her speech was supporting another lying dishonest union scumbag, more so than what the simpletons worked out, what she said and what they skimmed from it were vastly different meanings..
    I cry for my country while shes running us into the ground.

    • It is without doubt the most incompetent government in Australian history. Some of her policies have blown up in her face almost immediately. Of greater concern are the other policies doing long term damage to the country. It will take decades to recover now and everyone will be poorer for it.

  6. I know one thing – Every day I get up at stupid-o’clock and work to pay my taxes. Every day the country seems to run fine over the last 40 years, regardless of who was voted for and how pressing their need to run Australia into the ground. I’m not confident that our gubberment does anything except waste money that the country would otherwise spend wisely without them.

    All they do is make statutes under maritime law, inapplicable on land as per section 76 of the Constitution:

    76 Additional original jurisdiction
    The Parliament may make laws conferring original jurisdiction on
    the High Court in any matter:
    (i) arising under this Constitution, or involving its interpretation;
    (ii) arising under any laws made by the Parliament;
    (iii) of Admiralty and maritime jurisdiction;
    (iv) relating to the same subject-matter claimed under the laws of
    different States.

    Every “law” coming from parliament is fake!

    Your vote does what exactly..?

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