BBC Blind In One Eye

The BBC forgot to mention something ….

Fox News didn’t


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12 Responses to BBC Blind In One Eye

  1. johnmcguire says:

    The BBC = propaganda , they are worse than any of the super market tabloids . Read them for cheap entertainment but don’t believe a word they say .

  2. tckev says:

    The BBC (aka the Ministry of Truth) can always be relied on to tell the socialist news that’s fit to broadcast. After all the UK government pays the $4.8 billion a year to do so.

  3. Sparks says:

    Look up milking cows blind folded. The BBC and their lack of objectivity was recently exposed by a clever prank.

    A BBC presenter with the knowledge that 300 complaints about child abuse and arrests being made over the scandal, she read on air a text message.

    Titled “alternative view on the Jimmy Savile story”.

    It said: “I wish everyone would stop criticising Jimmy Savile. He was a nice man. When I was eight he fixed it for me to milk a cow blind-folded.”

    They would present an alternative view on a child abuse case involving former BBC employes at the BBC? it shows the world what they are like.

  4. Good ol’ Beeb, always going out of their way to make the Left look good …

  5. suyts says:

    That’s not the worst part of the story, either. Nearly all of the 171,000 jobs were crap jobs!

    Nonresidential specialty trade contractors (read gave up and became self employed) increased by 10,100. That’s the best news. Health care and social assistance added 32,500. Food services and drinking places added 22,900. Personal and laundry services added 5,100. Professional and technical services added 15,500. And Administrative and support services added 33,500. Of that 33,500 Temporary help services added 13,600 jobs. Trade, transportation, and utilities added the remaining 45,000 jobs with most of that being retail. (36.4 thousand)

    I wrote about it here.

  6. To make matters worse, the BBC downplay the creation of new jobs in the UK, even when unemployment has been falling, just because we have a conservative govt.

    They even ran a report suggesting most of the new jobs were not real.

    Just be grateful you only have PBS. We have to fork out billions every year, just so we can be force fed socialist propaganda.

  7. Edward. says:

    Gordon Brown ‘created’ 100k jobs in the two years before the UK 2010 general election, paid for by the taxpayer. Brown, he also massaged the jobless figures down [keeping zombie factories and fixing zombie banks who are then informed forced told not to call in business loans] – its well known in the ‘trade’ of politics and it is called electoral bribery.

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