Bloomberg Says That Sandy Could Have Been Prevented – Had We All Bought Chevy Volts

I have a different idea. If the government gives me a billion dollars, I will guarantee that the long-term US hurricane trend will continue to fall for at least another decade.

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17 Responses to Bloomberg Says That Sandy Could Have Been Prevented – Had We All Bought Chevy Volts

  1. lindasduby says:

    Bloomberg is a class 1 Jackass

  2. TimiBoy says:

    Did he really say that?

  3. cosmoscon says:

    I heard this on the drive home tonight and LOL’d. Cuomo and Bloomberg have both converted to the AGW cult.

    They should explain how centimeters of ocean rise caused the subways to floor.

  4. Evidence for the claim is based on the opinion of Jonathan Foley of the “Institute on the Environment” – an ecologist/environmentalist. And the opinion of an editor from Scientific American, by the name of Mark Fischetti. Now, most of his claims are based on the typically vague “Scientists say…” type statements. Wording that should always trigger one’s bullshit detector. However, if you persist with reading this opinion piece, you will find that he tries to link the storm to Antarctic sea ice loss. He also cites the viewpoints of Hansen and Kevin Trenberth. (The usual suspects.) In addition to these characters, he also manages to cite Raymond Bradley, who is of course a co-author of Michael Mann and whose published work has focused on temperature reconstruction. Finally, a paper is cited which purports to show a trend in Atlantic hurricane “surges” since 1923. Found here:

    At this point he seems to have run out of scientists willing to support his claim, so he starts digging the bottom of the barrel by citing Greg Laden (an anthropologist), and Munich Re, who has no qualifications whatsoever but does run a re-insurance business and who makes money by claiming that weather is getting worse, because he gets to push up premiums.

    Of all the research actually specific to “extreme weather”, which by the way does not support any of his claims, he of course makes no mention.

  5. BarryW says:

    Didn’t a whole mess of Fiskers burn up during the flood?

  6. sean2829 says:

    This may backfire on Mr.’s Bloomberg and Obama. The reason climate change was not on the agenda for this election cycle is because the Democrats knew it would be close and that they would have to carry battleground states in the midwest that are dependent upon coal. Climate change is a loser of an issue in many of these states. Mr. Bloomberg in uncontested New York just brought the issue to the forefront with his endorsement of Obama for his leadership on climate change which in Ohio means more expensive electricity, fuel and food. And while Mr. Bloomberg may be pumping the remnants of the hurricane Sandy out of the subway tunnels, the good folks in Ohio were shoveling white stuff off their driveways . . . in October.

  7. Sundance says:

    At least many of the people on the East Coast can enjoy a tatse of the the utopian world of Al Gore and the eco-Taliban, no gas no electricity scarce food.

  8. Do these people have a clue that you need power plants to charge their electric cars?

  9. barryjo says:

    But maybe if enough Volts are purchased, they can be used as a breakwater.

  10. Edward. says:

    Bloomberg, wow – if he says something, I usually look in the opposite direction for the truth of the matter – this fella has and stands to make many more millions out of the great CAGW scam – follow the money and Bloomberg – you will find.
    Bloomberg, unashamedly politicised a weather event called Sandy, just for financial gain and helping his investment banker mates, he should spend a little more time with facilitating the effort to swiftly help NYC, its citizens to get back on her feet, after all he is their Mayor.

  11. Where would the electric cars obtain their electricity if not from burning carbon based fuels?

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