Bloomberg Says That The Fix For Sandy Is To Stop Burning Gasoline

BBC News – Home

If he had an ounce of brains in his head, he would be focusing on getting more fuel – not less.


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7 Responses to Bloomberg Says That The Fix For Sandy Is To Stop Burning Gasoline

  1. Sundance says:

    Is Al Gore selling the inability of motorists to purchase gas, as carbon offsets to Darryl Hanna?

  2. kirkmyers says:

    Bloomberg is a closet fascist and eco-loon, a pernicious combination.

  3. The average strength of all atlantic hurricanes and tropical storms, taken together, has not increased over the last 160 years:

    Hurricane/Tropical Storm Strengths, 1851 to 2010

    Nor would competent physical scientists expect otherwise, with only a 1°C rise in temperatures, as I sketch out at the above-linked short article. (Basically, the increase in atmospheric energy, for that rise in temperature, is only about 0.4%, or an increase in wind velocities half that, about 0.2%.)

    Why aren’t scientists loudly correcting people like Bloomberg in the mainstream media? Because — I keep reminding myself — it’s the politics, not the science, stupid.

  4. Hugh K says:

    Bloomberg — It’s not my fault, it’s not my fault….look over there at that global warming….er….hey, what say everybody take a time out and wade a marathon race?

  5. NikFromNYC says:

    Gas rationing in Jersey:

    “Residents with license plates ending in an odd number can make gas purchases on odd-numbered days of the month Residents with plates ending in an even number will be able to buy gas on even-numbered days.”

  6. But think of the enormous economic benefits of not burning fossil fuels in this region. They must be making a fortune. (Remember according to David Appell every litre of fossil fuel burnt is a net economic negative that outweighs any economic benefit.)

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